A Group Of Kids Save The Universe In ‘ASSASSINAUT’

Coming to us from the DREAD line of films from Epic Pictures is ASSASSINAUT – a coming of age, sci-fi, gore film that well – here, have a look for yourself.

It kind of plays like a Saturday morning kids show – but with gore. Not saying that’s a bad thing – just saying that’s what it reminds me of.

ASSASSINAUT hits VOD and Blu-ray on June 30th – here’s what Epic has to say about the release:

“In the near future, aliens have invaded Earth and declared a galactic war resulting in thousands of human casualties. To save Earth, a team of four teenage astronauts brave the alien wilderness of a distant planet to stop an assassin from changing the course of history forever.

ASSASSINAUT is written & directed by Drew Bolduc, starring Vito Trigo (Return to Nuke ‘Em High), Johnathan Newport (Permanent), Shannon Hutchinson, Jasmina Parent, & Yael Haskal.”

If you’re interested in picking up the Blu-ray – here’s all the info you need.

Special Features:

Two Audio Commentary Tracks:
Writer/Director Drew Bolduc and Producer Bedhan Ball
Solo Commentary from Writer/Director Drew Bolduc

8 Deleted Scenes:
Extended TV SCENE
Kids Walking Slowmo Shot
Nice Looking Scientist Cut Dialogue
Captain and Commander Snake
Captain Romance
Bodyguard Showdown
DJ Time Goblin
Sarah Shooting Hallucinations

Video Interviews:
Writer/Director Drew Bolduc (5:24)
Actor Vito Trigo, “The Commander” (12:18)
Actress Shannon Hutchinson, “Sarah” (11:43)

Short Film:
Dental Association (1:46)

Red-Band Trailer

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