Getting Monstrous with John Hale – Indie Infestation

This week the fellas minus Justin (who was busy making pudding) are back with a monster of a guest, a writer/director/visual effects guru haling (pun kind of intended) from Fairmont WV, John Hale. John gets into his first short film “The Conduit” as he is on his way to screen it at Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest. “The Conduit” is a creature feature homage to a lot of the films John loved growing up including the one that made him want to get into filming, “Jaws”.

Film poster for “The Conduit”

John speaks about using practical effects and the labor that goes into bringing the creatures to life. It can be quite difficult during the editing process to remove shadows and hide the puppeteers that were in shots during the filming when counting on the crew for the movement of the practical effects creatures.

Things get a little fishy

For a short film “The Conduit” gives you a lot of creature feature ranging from small to kaiju. This was important for John as he really wanted to pack a punch into a small sample of what he intends to be a much larger plan as he talks about his idea of making this into a feature down the road.

Bringing the little guy to life

The guys had a lot of fun this week and were giddy reminiscing about their favorite creature features. Joe reveals the secret to his quick post-op recovery, Zane puts the comb down for a moment an talks about finishing up “Force to Fear” and Mike as always brings the flavor! John Hale proves with “The Conduit” he has the chops to bring monsters to the masses and “The Conduit” is sure to please as it makes its way around the festival circuit. So as it comes to a festival near you make sure you check it out, you won’t be sorry. Now it’s time to stop reading and start listening so go on and crank the volume to 11 and let the monstrous sounds of the Infestation consume you!

John and the little guy

JJ Fitt
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