Bloody Noses and Hand Grenades, the Darkly Entertaining debut from Dead Girls Corp

Hollywood-based rock band Dead Girls Corp has released their debut 12 track album, Bloody Noses and Hand Grenades. A distinctive rock band with influences of new wave, post-punk, goth, and industrial with lyrics that are sometimes dark, but always entertaining. If this band isn’t on your radar, I suggest you change that immediately.

The band consists of four members. On vocals is Toddy aka Toddy Deadboy, a very solid lead with a clear expressive voice and impressive range. On bass is Bruce Miyaki working in perfect rhythm with Mel McFail, whose beauty is as compelling as her drumming. These two create a perfect union and foundation for the band. Rounding out the crew is the epically talented Dave Teague on guitar. Some of his work is pretty mind-blowing.

The first track, “Dead Girl,” is an energetic and catchy opener that could easily be any goth girl’s undead theme song. I know it’s mine now. While considerably more upbeat, it’s lyrically reminiscent of Type O Negative’s “Black.” For a split second, I squealed as Toddy’s voice takes a Peter Steele turn with the line “lonesome on holiday.” I also found myself humming the chorus, “Dead, dead, dead, that’s my dead girl,” for days after listening.

With heavier punk influences, the second track is what really sets the tone and feel of the rest of the album. The guitars and drums accelerate and intensify during the “From the Bottom.” Toddy’s vocals has hints of Marilyn Manson in the best way possible and Teague’s guitar blows it away.

“X’s no O’s” is a speedy and rocking third track with intense bass, lively vocals and drums. It’s hard not to smile and enjoy a song while listening to funky lyrics that include “She’s got the devil on her celly.”

Tracks four and five, take a darker more metal turn. “Alleys of Death” has some amazing guitar riffs and infectious lyrics. I can see the pit forming already for “Ask for it.” With harsh, in-your-face vocals and commanding drums, it’s a song that forces you to take notice.

The sixth track lightens the mood with, “Flesh For Fantasy.” I adore a good cover song and this one is excellent. Quite true to the original, but very much their own. A very satisfying cover that I think would even make Billy Idol proud.

The diverse beats on track seven “Can’t Change” transition into varying speeds of guitars and drums. With a memorable chorus, it’s a good addition to the album.

“Promise Me” deviates from its predecessors with a considerably softer slower electronic sound. With pure vocals and sound, track eight is a potent love song. It has beautiful and tender lyrics, proving this band has many modes. As an added bonus, the vocals have a Robert Smith sound at times.

Track 9 sticks with the romance, but picks the pace back up with “VDAY.” A fierce love song this one speaks to the heart and mind.

“Just the same” is a satisfying track with an uncluttered sound and lyrically thought-provoking.

Track 11, “Dynamite,” has some slow guitars and drums with heavy delay and powerful vocals. The dark and haunting lyrics are effectively sad and sometimes creepy. This song is particularly intense. However, I think most can relate to the lyrics, “I wanna blow you apart, like a stick of dynamite in your heart.”

“Worth” is a very worthy final track and a solid song all around. It’s upbeat with incredibly amorous lyrics. If someone declaring, “I will die for you and me,” isn’t romantic then I don’t know what is.

I think it’s obvious that I loved this album and recommend getting it. All I want now is to see this band live. If the album is any indication, I imagine they’d put on an incredible show.

Bloody Noses and Hand Grenades, is out now and available in both digital and physical formats via Monsterman Records/ EMP Label Group.

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