A Close Call Where One Fell During an Easy Murder

First our apologies as things have been crazy….second you’re welcome because the boys of Indie Infestation are back with not one, not two but three most excellent guest to quench your Indie horror thirst.

“Close Calls” writer/director Richard Stringham joined to talk about his new release which is being distributed via Scream Team Releasing. The tripiness of the film is discussed as Joe thinks he has it all figured out. Richard talks about the cops showing up and getting the boot as well as Jordan Phipps….oh yes Jordan Phipps….

“Close Calls” film poster

Also on the podcast is the man who’s film “One Must Fall” is tearing up the festival circuit, the pantsless one Antonio Pantoja. Antonio’s film is a tribute to 80’s style horror with some fantastic gore. By all means if you get a chance to check this film out, do so immediately!

“One Must Fall” film poster

Finally the man whose film is coming soon from Scream Team releasing focused on a murder mystery titled “Murder Made Easy”, it is none other than David Palamaro. David’s film is brilliantly shot in one setting and will keep you guessing.

“Murder Made Easy” film poster

This episode was definitely a fun one despite the challenges Skype gave the guys after its “update”. If you love indie horror this episode is a MUST LISTEN! Also if you enjoy the podcast and want to put some love on your chest check out the newly designed shirts by Dan Kiely of “Bong of the Living Dead” at

Enough reading, now go crank up the volume as the sweet, soothing tones of the Infestation consume you!

Clockwise: Richard Stringham, David Palamaro and Antonio Pantoja

JJ Fitt
Joe lives in the coal region of Northeastern PA with his beautiful wife Mary and their French Bulldogs Watson and Xander. He's a huge fan of all things horror and can't explain why especially since he was afraid of everything as a kid. He co-hosts the Indie Infestation podcast which gives a platform for those involved in the indie horror scene to get their name and projects out there. When he's not working he is usually watching the latest horror movie or show, at the gym with his wife or taking in a sporting event, Eagles! His all time favorite horror movie is the original Halloween, still effective to this day. Hit him up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or drop an email, let him know what's awesome.