[Podcast] We Got Festivals With Nathan and Aaron

This week on Indie Infestation is a celebration of film festivals with Nathan Ludwig of Genre Blast Film Fest and Aaron Allen of Hexploitation Film Fest.   Joe, Zane, Nathan and Aaron strolled hand in hand taking in cotton candy and funnel cakes washing it down with some ice cold beers.   The ups and downs of what it takes to run a successful film festival are discussed as well as the secret whereabouts of Justin; let’s just say it’s not a secret anymore.  This is the third year for Genre Blast and it is being held at the Alamo Draft House in Winchester VA.   This is a great venue with a lot to do and see in the area.   Hexploitation Film Fest (originally called Fright Night Film Fest) is held in the greater Hamilton, Ontario Canada area is entering its tenth year.    

Nathan is very pleased with the way things have gone with Genre Blast at the Alamo Draft House and finds that the mix of libations and fun genre films go hand in hand.   There is some heartache when films don’t get selected which turns into nasty emails and threats; none of which have ever come to fruition; it comes with the territory.   Nathan also does some work on films in addition to being a successful festival guru.

Nathan Ludwig
Nathan on set with the cast of upcoming the Jonathan Straiton film “Johnny Z”

Aaron has a love for horror and it shows in the great selection of films that have screened at Hexploitation Film Fest including Justin M. Seaman’s “The Barn” and Jonathan Straiton’s “Night of Something Strange”.   Aaron and the others that run the fest feel the more shocking, the better.

Aaron Allen
Aaron with Ash and deadite cosplayers

Hexploitation Film Fest ran in March of this year and is getting set to accept submissions for 2019, check on their website for updates: http://www.hexfilmfest.com/

Genre Blast is set to run between August 30 – September 2 and is still accepting submissions until July 12.   You can go to their website for more details and tickets: https://www.genreblast.com/

Mark your calendars and take the time to get out to these festivals; Nate and Aaron pour a lot of hard work into these and it shows.   Rumor has it that Joe, Justin and Zane will be in attendance at Genre Blast, come on out and GET INFESTED!

JJ Fitt
Joe lives in the coal region of Northeastern PA with his beautiful wife Mary and their French Bulldogs Watson and Xander. He's a huge fan of all things horror and can't explain why especially since he was afraid of everything as a kid. He co-hosts the Indie Infestation podcast which gives a platform for those involved in the indie horror scene to get their name and projects out there. When he's not working he is usually watching the latest horror movie or show, at the gym with his wife or taking in a sporting event, Eagles! His all time favorite horror movie is the original Halloween, still effective to this day. Hit him up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or drop an email, let him know what's awesome.