[Podcast] Indie Infestation is here to consume you!

In the inaugural episode of Indie Infestation Joe Fittos “The Thug” and his co-hosts Justin Seaman and Zane Hershberger of the Barn and 10/31 projects consume the mind of the award-winning writer and director Jonathan Straiton, the man behind Night of Something Strange and the upcoming martial arts zombie flick Johnny Z.   As this is the first podcast for Indie Infestation it was unanimously decided that Jonathan had to be our first guest. With his new film Johnny Z currently filming it was a perfect time for Jonathan to get the word out to indie horror fans. We learned what to expect (or not expect) from this film and how much fun Jonathan is enjoying the process. Jonathan speaks of the legendary Wes Reid who we see in a number of films including NOSS, She Kills and the new Ron Bonk film “House Shark”.

The gang discusses the importance of horror cons and film festivals along with a little help from friends and family. Getting out and meeting with fans is a huge part of any indie horror director’s job.   This is actually something that can make or break you as an artist, the gang shares their experiences.

During our conversation, we discuss the expectations and realities of working on Jonathan’s first film and how those lessons learned are being implemented for his new film.   Michael Merchant (Freddy in NOSS) will be starring in Johnny Z and we discuss the grueling training he is going through for the part as he had no prior martial arts experience, but hey it’s gotta be better than having used condoms thrown on your face right? Jonathan and Justin both make announcements that will make fans happy. Zane enlightens us on the finer art of hair technique. Sit back and relax because you cannot resist….just let it consume you!


JJ Fitt
Joe lives in the coal region of Northeastern PA with his beautiful wife Mary and their French Bulldogs Watson and Xander. He's a huge fan of all things horror and can't explain why especially since he was afraid of everything as a kid. He co-hosts the Indie Infestation podcast which gives a platform for those involved in the indie horror scene to get their name and projects out there. When he's not working he is usually watching the latest horror movie or show, at the gym with his wife or taking in a sporting event, Eagles! His all time favorite horror movie is the original Halloween, still effective to this day. Hit him up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or drop an email, let him know what's awesome.