[Review] Lou Simon’s 3 (2017) – by Rafe Telsch

The selection at the 2017 edition of the New York City Horror Film Festival was spectacular. Opening the Halloween weekend event is the psychological horror thriller 3 (2017) from director Lou Simon. Rafe Telsch steps in to provide his take on this little gem praising the film as a model of what other independent filmmakers should follow and give high marks for actor Mike Stanley. And, yes, Rafe does explain the meaning of the film’s simple one-word title, 3. Check out his review below.

Lou Simon’s 3 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Rafe Telsch
Rafe Telsch returns to writing about the entertainment world after a four year hiatus. Previously, Rafe wrote for CinemaBlend and his own site, WidescreenWarrior, as well as hosting and producing the Weekly Blend Audio Show, one of the first independent entertainment podcasts. A child of the '80s, Rafe has had a long time love-affair with horror and is thoroughly enjoying the current trend of homages and influences of '80s genre pictures on the current pool of filmmakers.