“Space Babes from Outer Space”: Retro Eighties-style SciFi Sex Comedy Available for Pre-order

Space Babes from Outer Space

Bandit Motion Pictures, the folks behind the indie horror flicks  Harvest Lake (2016) and  Plank Face (2016), are heading in a different direction for their latest film.  Space Babes from Outer Space (2017) is an eighties-style science fiction sex comedy, and it looks about as far from their previous films as one can get. It stars Ellie Church  (Harvest Lake  (2016)), Allison Maier (Frankenstein Created Bikers  (2016)), and Alyss Winkler (Plank Face (2016))  as three space women stranded on Earth and in need of sexual energy to use as fuel for their ship. The film is finished and slated to premiere at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio, on May 20th. Those who cannot make it to Columbus but want to pre-order the Blu-ray can do so via their IndieGoGo campaign.


Why follow up two successful horror movies with a goofy sex comedy? The filmmakers,  Scott Schirmer and Brian K. Williams, say that they “decided what the world needs now more than ever is laughter!”

We made ‘Space Babes’ for ourselves and for everyone else who misses the films of yesteryear, when sex comedies were sweet instead of mean-spirited, when bare breasts were allowed to be a thing of joy and wonder, instead of something to hide and be ashamed of. And just for good measure, we stuck puppets into the mix, along with an ’80s-style soundtrack of pop and synth tunes. It was a lot of fun to make, and we hope everyone has a lot of fun watching it!

Space Babes from Outer Space - Scrote
Look out! It’s a Scrote!

Be sure to head on over to their IndieGoGo campaign before it ends in early April, 2017. They have perks ranging from Limited 2-Disc Edition Blu-ray packs to t-shirts to Associate Producer credit. Pre-orders and perks are expected to ship by the end of June 2017.

Space Babes from Outer Space - Poster
Truly Out of This World . . . Likely Out of Your League

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