“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E15: North

Here it is Grue-believers! The moment we’ve all….well at least I’ve been waiting for…the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead. The only thing that would be better is if it were the series finale! After the strong note with the previous episode, Wrath, I was expecting quite a bit from the finale. Well, I was definitely let down. Not to say that the entire episode was bad; but, come on guys, we could’ve done better than this. At least we only have to wait 19 more days for the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead. In the meantime let’s jump in with the gang and get this over with, kind of the same attitude the writers seem to have had.

We pick up where Wrath left off. Travis (Cliff Curtis) is slumped, speechless and lacking emotion on the floor. The gang gets the door open as Madison (Kim Dickens) and a few men rush in. Madison is trying to rouse Travis as the two of the men remove Oscar (Andres Londono) and Hector (Ramses Jimenez) and Elena (Karen Bethzabe) grab Travis to escort him away until they can figure out what to do with him. I mean it wasn’t so much the dismantling of the now deceased Brandon (Kelly Blatz) and Derek (Kenny Wormald) as it was Travis violently introducing the door to Oscar’s head.

As Madison follows them out of the building, trying to explain Travis’s actions, Strand (Colman Domingo) grabs a hold of her and explains to her and Alicia (Alycia Debnam Carey) to leave it alone for now. Madison asks for a knife then returns to the scene of the massacre. She makes sure both Brandon and Derek stay dead.


Madison and Alicia make their way to the area where Travis is being held in what looks like a Cabana room with a beautiful ocean view. Hector does not want to let them in but Elena allows it because they did right by them a few episodes back regardless Madison promised they would all leave the next day. Madison sends Alicia to check on Oscar’s state as she goes to meet with Travis. Some “filler” conversation ensues but basically the gist is let’s head to the room and get some rest because tomorrow we got to go.

Back at Colonia Luciana (Danay Garcia) is tending to Alejandro’s (Paul Calderon) bite wound. Alejandro is in a lot of pain and appears to be fading fast. Luciana wants him to lie to the town’s people so they don’t lose the trust they have in him as their leader. Nick is still packing and trying to persuade Luciana to leave with him before Marco (Alejandro Edda) and his gang show up to take the town. Alejandro does get up the strength to give one last speech as Nick bloodies up and hits the road. On his way, he hears a sound in the distance. He pulls out a pair of binoculars and sees a helicopter that appears to be a medevac for a camp.

Back at the Rosarita Beach Resort Alicia enters the room where Oscar is lying on a table. Andres’ (Raul Casso) and Hector are there and Andres’ explains that he has not woken up yet and his brain is swelling so he needs to cut part of his skull away to relieve the pressure. They force Alicia to leave before the procedure then he performs surgery and they show quite a bit of it with some nifty effects work.


Upstairs one more “filler” conversation is going on between Travis and Madison where she tells him that she killed too while at the Abigail estate in order to protect her son. Alicia is now back at the room while downstairs Oscar does not survive the surgery causing Andres and Hector to go after Travis in a fit of rage much to Elana’s protest. They proceed to get to the room and start beating Travis who is holding his own until Andres’ pulls a gun out and aims it at Travis. Alicia stabs Andres’ causing him to drop the gun and Travis and Hector fight again to try and get the gun. Strand saves the day as he enters holding a gun and telling Hector to leave. The gang grabs their stuff and makes their way out of the hotel. Strand decides not to go with them and states he will be fine. Travis, Madison and Alicia get in an SUV and barrel through the locked gates on their way out.

Nick makes his way back to Colonia to inform Luciana and Alejandro of what he saw. He urges Alejandro to tell the people about it and get them to go.

Madison and the gang make a pit stop at the warehouse where she was before to try and get intel on Nick but finds only the dead bodies of Francisco and his family. She and Travis search the bodies and find a license and head for that address. Well the issue I have here is that they are in an area where they have no familiarity and they have no GPS but hey let’s just assume there was a map that leads them directly to Francisco’s address.

Meanwhile, Marco and the boys show up and are surprised that the town is abandoned as he states they must have taken the gringo’s advice. Alejandro was in hiding, he makes his way to the bus gate, starts the bus and moves it allowing all the walkers to get in and chaos ensues.


Some time later, Madison, Alicia and Travis arrive at Colonia and within all the walkers roaming around they see one with a familiar face, Marco. They get on the bus and see Alejandro. Before he passes, he gives Madison some hope for Nick telling him he was heading for the border.

Nick and Luciana are leading the gang to the border and, as they get close, men in military garb open fire on them. One of the bullets hits Luciana. As the folks try to fight back, they are overtaken. Nick and Luciana are grabbed and pulled away from each other as Nick gets stomped.

North was written by Dave Erickson and directed by Andrew Bernstein. Much like the stomping that ended this episode I was in my mind envisioning a boot stomping the thought of any further seasons but alas it is renewed for another season. My hope for the new season is that they enlist new writers that can actually breathe some life into the show and come up with interesting storylines and character arcs that we can care about. Well, friends, that ends my reviews of season two. Look for my reviews of The Walking Dead beginning in less than three weeks. Let’s see what’s up with Negan and who met the wrong side of Lucille’s fury. I’m sticking with Abe. Let me know your thoughts.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 15 “North” 1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5) on the Thug Meter

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