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Grue-believers,  you can now help the Grue-crew continue to provide you with the best podcasts (Horror News Radio, Decades of Horror, and American Horror Story Fan Podcast), film reviews, horror news content and more at the new GRUESOME MAGAZINE PATREON page.  Through Patreon, you can help support Gruesome Magazine & the Grue-crew by  becoming a verified Grue-believer. Gruesome Magazine is the culmination of the blood, sweat and fears the Grue-crew have put into  Horror News Radio leading to the creation of this very site. We have grown from the original five co-hosts (Doc Rotten, The Black Saint, Dave Dreher, Thomas Mariani and Vixen) to a larger team of additional amazing writers and new guest-hosts: Joseph Perry, Bill Mulligan, Christopher G. Moore, TJ Fowler, Joseph Fittos, Jeff Mohr, Chad Hunt and more to come.


The Patreon page will allow you to choose the level that suits your budget from  as little as $2.00 per month to $10.00 per month (with more options coming soon). And the rewards are fantastic! The $2 tier is an affordable way to contribute and receive our heart-felt gratitude and thanks. With the $5 and $10 tiers, you will gain access to premium content on Gruesome Magazine that  will include exclusive articles, behind-the-scenes nuggets, polls & ballots and many more surprises to come. Each month, one lucky Grue-believer will take home an incredible giveaway prize pack. You will also get advanced notice on the schedules for HNR and Decades of Horror along with  news on upcoming projects. You will get the opportunity to help us choose the best content for future episodes of the podcast. The $10 tier also will get you an HNR t-shirt (after the fourth month contributing). We have lots of surprises headed your way over the next year; with your help, we can see them come to life together.




Regardless of support you are able to share, whether you can help support or are a loyal listener and fan, we are grateful you are here with us, sharing your love for the horror genre and the creativity and imagination of those responsible for creating those films. Most of all, we thank you for listening to the podcasts and for joining us here on Gruesome Magazine for the articles and reviews. The journey thus far has been amazing with the people we encounter through the podcast and the site becoming an extended family. The reaction has been spectacular and we look forward to continuing to bring you the best, most entertaining and insightful horror podcasts and website we possibly can as we strive to grow and improve on the content and shows we produce. We all love horror films – of all kinds – and look forward to each and every week of sharing our thoughts on the latest films and the most recent horror news and introducing you, hopefully, to established genre creators and up-and-coming horror filmmakers.

This next step in Horror News Radio and Gruesome Magazine is an exciting and challenging one, a journey on which we hope you will join along. Together, we can make this happen.


Doc Rotten
Editor-In-Chief / Founder / Podcast Producer at Horror News Radio
Doc Rotten is the founder of Gruesome Magazine. He is also a film critic for Gruesome Magazine and the podcast host & producer for Horror News Radio, Monster Movie Podcast, Decades of Horror: 1970s, The American Horror Story Fan Podcast and Hannibal Fan Podcast. He is also co-host of the Dracula podcast on TV TALK and is a contributing reviewer for HorrorNews.Net and Widescreen Warrior.

Doc a lifelong fan of horror films, sci-fi flicks and monster movies first discovering Universal Monsters and Planet of the Apes as a young child in the 1970's searching out every issue of Famous Monster of Filmland (and, later, Fangoria). Favorite films include Jaws, The Car, The Birds, The Tingler, Vampire Circus and The Exorcist. Still a huge fan of horror films from the 70s, Doc continues consuming horror films to this day for the site, for the podcasts and for the fun of it all.