“Scream Queens” S01E11: Black Friday

This review contains spoilers.

Alright, Grue-believers, what comes after Thanksgiving? Delicious sandwiches made from leftovers? Well, yes, but what I am referring to here is the knockdown, drag em out slug-fest known as Black Friday! In recent years however Black Friday has lost its luster (unless you are a Wal-Martaholic) as it has given way to cyber Monday and better online shopping. One can go shopping in cyber space without changing out of their PJ’s (again unless you are going to Wal-Mart where PJ’s are totally acceptable). Scream Queens isn’t afraid they gave us a gem this week in their Black Friday episode.

Chanel and her minions brave the crowds but not really because Chanel bribes the loading dock guy for a half hour early entrance to put the line of ravenous shoppers at the doors in even more of a crazed feeding frenzy. But not before arguing with Dean Carpet Munsch (as Chanel lovingly refers to her) over being given a time out. A comment that cracked me up in this scene was that Zayday was upset because she thought Gigi’s disembodied head smelled delicious. This led to a semi-lame scene in the mall where all of a sudden the lights go out, the doors get locked and everyone except the Chanels and reds disappear. It ends with a “brave” Chanel confronting reds and taking an arrow to the left shoulder just as Denise (now a mall cop) shows up with her mall cop partners to save her.


We get a game of cat and mouse throughout the episode. Pete wants to sleep with Grace but Grace isn’t read but then she is ready and Pete is not because (as he says at the end of the episode) “you don’t want your first time to be with a murderer”. Uh oh, does this mean Pete is the second red devil? I don’t think so unless we are going to get a major curveball in the two hour season finale which can go a number of directions.

There was a lot of My boy Chad, not Chad Hunt (although he’s my boy too) but the Rad one. We learn that he was previously injured when he “accidently” fell on Lego Captain Jack Sparrow who was part of the Lego protective perimeter he puts up during nude yoga. In a laugh out loud scene for me he invites Pete to a Dickie Dollar Scholar meeting between just he and Chad. Chad becomes increasingly upset as he reads Boone’s will. We find the Boone left Pete everything including the two following items: his box of lube and his butt plug with the beautiful blue jewel on the business end. Chad had to pose the question of “were you and Boone secret gay lovers”? Pete denies this stating that Boone was his eyes and ears on the inside, his deep throat to which Chad retorts “so you were secret gay lovers”. If you don’t get that go read a history book and look under the Nixon administration; I am here to not only entertain my Grue-believers, I am here to educate as well.


During the episode there were attempts made on Dean Munsch’s life by first the Chanels and Grace then after Grace had second thoughts, the Chanels and Zayday. This lead to Chanel and the girls kicking Grace or as Chanel refers to her talking pumpkin or Jack Skelington out of Kappa. Puffer fish poisoned apple cider and cryogenic skin treatment could not take the Dean down; you go JLC! During a session of formulating ideas of how Dean survived the cryo chamber, No. 5 talked about someone who could grow really long hair at will and maybe that protected her; Chanel shot that down stating “that was teen wolf you brainless gash”. Hester felt as though she won’t die just like a horror movie villain in the mold of Michael Myers, Jason or Dr. Giggles. Like the Halloween and Friday the 13th references but Dr. Giggles, well that was kind of funny I guess.

Despite the resurfacing of vaginal references and gay jokes, Ryan Murphy did not write or direct this episode. It was directed by Barbara Brown and penned by Ian Brennan. I am sad that next week’s two hour episode is the season finale. I have mostly enjoyed this wild ride thus far and am curious to see how they end it. My curiosity also reaches to how they will roll with next season. Will it be a continuation or will it be the same actors in a different role and storyline akin to American Horror Story. If it is the latter I am saying: Please do not make it terrible and go downhill like American Horror Story.

Chad holds a meeting of the Dickie Dollar Scholars, even though he is the only one left.
Chad holds a meeting of the Dickie Dollar Scholars, even though he is the only one left.

Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 11: “Black Friday” 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) on the Thug Meter

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