Cropsey May Once Again Stalk The Woods

You utter the name Cropsey and most any hard core slasher fan will immediately shout out the film title The Burning.   Back in 1981 while Micheal Myers and Jason Vorhees   were stealing the gore spotlight, horror maestro Tom Savini created another icon who never actually reached the iconic level he deserved, his name was Cropsey.

The film ended up being known more for the fact that it launched the careers of Holly Hunter and Jason Alexander than its great practical effects and flowing blood.   While hard core gore fans have long respected the character – he never caught the attention of pop culture ala Michael, Jason or Freddy.   It appears that Dreamworks my be looking to change that.

The only things that gives me any cause for concern is the fact that they mention molding it into a “horror-comedy” – here’s their official statement:

“CROPSEY will center on a group of adolescents at a summer camp haunted by an urban legend that dates back to the Colonial Period. DreamWorks is developing the story as an Amblin-esque project mixing horror and humor – a la GREMLINS and THE GOONIES.”

Pretty much all we know at this point but obviously this one is in it’s very early stages.   What are your thoughts on Cropsey making a return to the woods – sound off below!



Dave Dreher
Co-Founder / Lead News Reporter at Gruesome Magazine
Dave is co-founder and lead news reporter for Gruesome. Dave has built his resume working for Diabolique Magazine, The Horror Channel,, House of Horrors and Creature Corner. He has worked with Tom Savini on his official site since 1997 and is also co-host of the popular podcast Horror News Radio.