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“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E15: North

Here it is Grue-believers! The moment we’ve all….well at least I’ve been waiting for…the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead. The only thing that would be better is if it were the series finale! After the strong note with the previous episode, Wrath, I was expecting quite a bit from the finale. Well, I was definitely let down. Not to say that the entire episode was bad; but, come on guys, we could’ve done […]

“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E14: Wrath

What’s going on Grue-believers? Last night brought the two part season finale of Fear the Walking Dead with the first hour containing the mostly boring “Wrath” then followed up with the second hour’s “North”. In this review, I will only be covering the first part with the second part to come tomorrow. Why is that you ask? Well because there are a few things that warrant me staying up past my bed time and being […]

“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E13: Date of Death

What’s the good word Grue-believers? My love/hate (mostly hate) affair continues with Fear the Walking Dead. If you haven’t listened to it yet, go download the HNR Extra episode where Doc and I discuss all things Fear the Walking Dead. One thing that makes me happy about this show is that I only have to deal with two more episodes of this anger inducing atrocity. Are you guessing from my tone I wasn’t a big […]

“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E12: Pillar of Salt

What’s up, Grue-believers, how was your weekend? Over the weekend, I kicked off my annual haunted attraction addiction by attending The Haunting at Gravity Hill in Jackson, NJ. It was a 25 minute walk-through for fifteen dollars and was very fun. This weekend, I will be attending one of the best I’ve ever been to: Shocktoberfest in Sinking Springs, PA. I will include the website links at the end of this review. You may be […]

“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E11: Pablo and Jessica

Howdy all you Grue-believers! I’m leaving for Nashville shortly after writing this, so I figured I’d try some southern hospitality on y’all! Speaking of “hospitality”, we all saw last week what the hospitality staff at the Rosarito Beach Hotel was like….let’s just say they were less than caring of guest’s needs. As all of you know, I have not been the biggest fan of the returning three episodes of season two of Fear the Walking […]

“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E10: Do Not Disturb

Hello, Grue-believers, how the heck was your holiday weekend? Mine was filled with Fantasy Football goodness while, at the same time, wondering why Dragon-Con had to be scheduled the same weekend as all my drafts. I will have to do something about that next year. Let’s get back to the task at hand. At this point, it does seem like a task or chore to watch Fear the Walking Dead. The first half of the […]

“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E09: Los Muertos

It is that time again, Grue-believers, that day of the week you all look forward to when your resident thug does his review of the weekly installment of Fear the Walking Dead. I think I know why you look forward to it though. Is it for my masterful skills in expressing myself artistically through the art of verbiage? Nope. Is it for my quips? Probably not. Is it for my sarcasm? Perhaps. Although the previously […]

“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E08: Grotesque

Welcome back Grue-believers! It’s that moment we’ve all been waiting for: your resident thug begins his reviews of the anticipated return of The Walking….oh wait I’m getting way ahead of myself, that’s not until October 23rd. Time to bring ourselves back down along with our expectations, it’s the premiere of the second half of Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. This could be a good or a bad thing depending on your view of the […]

[Podcast] Outcast – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Darkness – Episode 166 – Horror News Radio

Robert Kirkman  (The Walking Dead) returns to TV with another adaptation of one of his comic book horror series properties. Airing on Cinemax is OUTCAST, a tale of Kyle Barnes dealing with his encounters with the supernatural. Fan favorite director, Adam Wingard (You’re Next, The Guest), helms the pilot episode “A Darkness Surrounds Him.” The Grue-crew gather to review the first outing of the series while The Black Saint shares a great story featuring an…egg […]

“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E07: Shiva

First off Grue-Believers, let me apologize for the long delay. Soon, very soon, you will all be able to call me Master. I am in the midst of my last class for my Master’s degree and between that and my every day job my life has been consumed. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, like Willie Nelson sang, “you are always on my mind.” So, with tha,t I offer you up my review of Shiva, […]

“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E05: Captive

It’s that time of week, Grue-Believers. It is time for your Fear the Walking Dead spoiler filled review. This week, season 2 episode 5 titled “Captive.” This season has been leaps and bounds over the inaugural effort. There have been some interesting story lines along with some interesting character development, but Travis (Cliff Curtis) is still a twit. Let’s roll into this week’s episode and see if it captivated me. When we left off last week, […]

“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E04: Blood in the Streets

Much to my surprise I am actually digging the past few episodes of Fear the Walking Dead. It is by no means as good of a show as its companion The Walking Dead but is a marked improvement over season one; however, Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) still annoy me. The biggest turn around for me is with Nick and his development this season. Let’s waste no more time and jump in to […]

“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E03: Ouroboros

This is a Thug review of Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 titled “Ouroboros” so be prepared to be more spoiled than your significant other could ever hope to duplicate. We left last week on a high note. We had an interesting story line with characters we could actually care about and my boy Nick was making things happen. Time to see if we are keeping afloat or are we sinking slowly. Do […]