Gruesome Says Farewell To A Brother, A Friend And A True Talent – RIP Santos Ellin Jr.

Over the weekend our Gruesome family received the heart-wrenching news that one of our own – Santos Ellin Jr – had unexpectedly passed away.  On Friday evening we received the news and by Sunday we had processed it enough to be able to post our feelings to social media.  Below are a collection of our postings as we remember our friend and protege.  RIP buddy – mere words cannot properly reflect the depth of our […]

Tobe Hooper – A Remembrance

At this point in time – I would think that anyone whom follows the horror scene is aware of the fact that our genre lost yet another defining and important voice on Saturday evening. Director / Writer Tobe Hooper leaves behind an amazing resume of genre defining work that film scholars will lament about for decades to come and I feel fortunate to have been discovering the world of horror cinema at a time when […]

RIP Haruo Nakajima – The Man Who Was Godzilla Has Passed

From the original film in 1954 till 1972’s Godzilla vs. Gigan – Haruo Nakajima was the man in the suit.  He was Godzilla.  He was 88 years old.  Of late he had become a bit of a staple on the convention circuit, much to the delight of fans everywhere he went. He had been quoted as saying that the original suit was constructed with ready mix concrete and weighed up to 100 kilos and that […]

George A. Romero – A Personal Remembrance

As the news of the passing of one of modern horror’s founders – George A. Romero – rippled through the news and online world, praise and remembrances have been pouring in from anyone who ever worked with him, spoke with him or been influenced by him and that stands as just a small testament to the power and honesty of this mans work. Although I never had the opportunity to work one on one with […]

The Tall Man Passes – RIP Angus Scrimm

I’ve spent the better part of this morning processing the fact that the genre has lost yet another true icon. I awoke this day to the sad news that Angus Scrimm had passed, the Tall Man from Phantasm no longer walked this earth and like the films he starred in it seems almost surreal that he’s no longer with us. I didn’t know him personally but the Phantasm films were such a mainstay in my […]

An Icon Passes – RIP Gunnar Hansen

Back in the late 90’s – when I was first getting into this whole horror game one of the first horror icons I got to meet was Gunnar Hansen.  I’m not sure what I was expecting when I walked up to that table but it certainly wasn’t what I got.  Gunnar was a soft spoken, highly intelligent monster of a man with the eyes of a wild man but the heart of a poet.  I […]