Preacher S02E06: Sokosha

Preacher decides to throw us for a loop this week with the start of Sokosha. We start out with a couple of people we haven’t seen before. More specifically, a broke couple (Samantha Beaulieu and Damien Moses) being treated by a mysterious man only known as The Technician (James Kyson), who promises them money during hard times in exchange for something. That something? A glittery white substance he turns into a pill for the fading Mildred (Becki Davis) to […]

Preacher SO2E5: Dallas

After a cliffhanger like last week, Preacher opens in media res as Jesse (Dominic Cooper) and Viktor (Paul Ben-Victor) are tussling in front of Tulip (Ruth Negga). Jesse is coming to terms with finding out the other two are married. Tulip keeps emphasizing that they are getting divorced, but Viktor can’t help but be direct. It’s a darkly funny and yet intense scene of Jesse getting ready to slaughter this dude. All while Tulip pleas for some […]

Preacher S02E04: Viktor

This episode, Preacher confirms the saying we’re all familiar with; Hell is other people. For Eugene a.k.a Arseface (Ian Colletti), one of those other people in Hell is unfortunately Adolf Hitler (Noah Taylor) himself. After the cell block in Hell unexpectedly open, Eugene defends an old woman prisoner being bullied by a younger man. Hitler manages diffuse that situation before everyone reports back to their cells, though Arseface can’t due to his cell locking up. Hitler offers […]

Preacher S02E03: Damsels

A huge dangling thread from season 1 of Preacher was Eugene a.k.a Arseface (Ian Colletti). After an encounter with Jesse (Dominic Cooper) and his Genesis powers, our young lad is stuck in Hell. Reliving the moment that gave him his horrific deformity over and over again while sitting in a grey prison cell. This moment – involving his friend Tracy Loach (Gianna LePera) attempting suicide over boy troubles – is seen multiple times over in a montage. […]

Preacher S02E02: Mumbai Sky Tower

Preacher pulled a double whammy with its first week. 24 hours after “On The Road” aired, we got the thrilling conclusion to Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) and The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish). Despite his attempts to use Genesis on the cowboy on a rampage, Jesse is powerless. Well, it’s a good thing that axel grease delivery truck came in between them and that group of gun nuts were under his spell. That at least stalled […]

[Podcast] Most Anticipated Horror Films of Fall 2017 – Horror TV Summer 2017 – Episode 221 – Horror News Radio

Award-winning director Christopher G. Moore and Joey Fittos join the Grue-Crew this week for a bloody bucket of gory reviews and previews. First up is a look at a number of genre-related TV shows landing on the small screen. Later, the Grue-Crew forecast the Most Anticipated Horror Films of Fall 2017. Dave drops into the Horror News of the Week with the announcement that the Kevin Bacon led Tremors TV show will head to SyFy, Jane Levy & […]

Preacher S02E01: On The Road

Side Note: A recap for the second episode of Preacher season 2 that aired on the 26th will be coming later this week. Hello, Preacher fans! Welcome back to the congregation! Reflecting back, the first season of Preacher had a lot to live up to. Being based off a great beloved comic, fans were very skeptical about how it could adapt it. So, executive producers Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Sam Catlin decided… kinda not to. The first season basically […]

[Podcast] Viral (2016) – Batman: The Killing Joke (2016) – Preacher Season 1 – Episode 174 – Horror News Radio

Blumhouse returns to haunt the Black Saint’s nightmares again this week with Viral. The Grue-crew dive into this apocalyptic virus-driven horror-fest from Herny Joost andAriel Schulman. A;sp this week, the Grue-crew has two “What Have You Been Watching” segments for your listening pleasure. Ha! First up is a recap and review of the first season of AMC’s Preacher. Next up is a review of DC’s animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke. Dave Dreher launches into […]

“Preacher” S01E10: Call And Response

We’ve reached the end folks. Well, the end for now anyway. After ten episodes, Preacher Season 1 has completed its run. The series started on tough terrain, with meandering based around far lesser versions of the characters we have now. Then, we slowly but surely got a closer thematic adaptation of the source material. Still, Preacher had a lot resting on this finale. This 10th episode would be crucial in terms of getting firm confirmation on where we’re heading […]

“Preacher” S01E09: Finish The Song

Despite having a literal vampire as one of the major characters, Preacher rarely feels like a horror television show. This week, Sam Caitlin and his staff made up for lost time. This is definitely the goriest episode of Preacher, but also the most horror atmosphere driven. There’s a burnt up vampire, more than a few bodies and even a visit to Hell itself. Yet, none of this is without purpose. The bloodshed here represents a purifying bath that […]

“Preacher” S01E08: El Valero

AMC hasn’t been afraid to use explicit gore since The Walking Dead became their highest rated show. Yet, it’s rare that said use of gore has more than a passive affect of killing a zombie or shooting anyone in the head. This week, Preacher kicked itself off with a simple yet powerful use of gore. In a flashback, the entire Quincannon family fall to their death while on a skiing trip. Odin, horrified, asks for the help of […]

“Preacher” S01E07: He Gone

“Plot matters,” Cassidy says as he delivers another nasty blow to The Coen Brothers’ style of filmmaking. It’s a mantra that Preacher has finally decided to follow in the second half of its first season. “He Gone” continues the trend by making it perfectly clear that Jesse Custer’s done it now. After expelling Eugene “Arseface” Root to hell in the previous episode of Preacher, Jesse tries in vain to keep things moving along with his sermon even as a […]

“Preacher” S01E06 – Sundowner

“Genesis? What like the band? Terrible name,” Cassidy says after hearing the name of Jesse’s otherworldly power. After five or so episodes sidestepping the central aspect of the comic’s plot, Preacher gets to finally putting a name on the divine entity that has possessed its titular creature. The aftermath of demon and angel sex backstory is confirmed by DeBlanc and Fiore, while also affirming that Preacher may just have firmly found their footing. After their talk in the diner, […]

“Preacher” S01E05: The South Will Rise Again

Last week, I begged Preacher to actually do something. After a few solid episodes of zilch happening of interest, “The South Will Rise Again” starts with quite a bang. We return to the Old West setting with our mysterious Cowboy, who rides into Ratwater searching for medicine to help his ailing daughter. The Cowboy witnesses the type of debauchery that would turn any man grey. He leaves with his medicine, but turns back to save a family heading […]

“Preacher” S01E04: Monster Swamp

Preacher is definitely not going to leave Annville any time soon. It’s something the pilot promised right off the bat, but “Monster Swamp” seems to have confirmed that the action will not be leaving this dirt covered hole in the middle of Texas as much as it will be coming directly to it… eventually. Much like AMC’s The Walking Dead, Preacher has the progression speed of a snail moving through molasses. Preacher is definitely taking the “slow and steady wins the race” […]