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THE STYLIST (2021, ARROW) Review – Plenty of Style, Not Enough Hold

On episode 433 of Horror News Radio: The Grue-Crew review… THE STYLIST (2021, Arrow). Warning: possible spoilers after the initial impressions! Be sure to subscribe to the Gruesome Magazine YouTube channel to catch all the HNR episodes. And check out Patreon to see how to watch the recordings live! This is HORROR NEWS RADIO, the […]

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Arrow Video Introduces Us To ‘The Stylist’ – And She Wants To Cut More Than Your Hair

Arrow Video has an interesting little serial killer flick heading our way in a few weeks – and it’s about a killer hairdresser. It looks pretty atmospheric and creepy – check out the trailer and see for yourself. Looks like a hair raising good time! Am I right? Here’s the synopsis: “We all dream of […]

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[Review] Dementia Part II (FilmQuest 2018): Unsettling Humor and Fine Performances Drive Senior Citizen Terror Tale

With Dementia Part II, co-writers and co-directors Mike Testin and Matt Mercer have crafted a horror film with darkly comic moments, filled with imagery and situations that will make even seasoned scare fare veterans squeamish. Most viewers will likely be constantly alternating between grinning and grimacing. The facts that the often comic film is a […]

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“Substance” (2014): Alien Substance and Alcohol Make for a Deadly Mixture

Horror films are often morality tales with timeless or current messages, and Barbara Stepansky’s thrilling science fiction/horror short Substance provides a few life lessons, including (1) always check the labels on medication bottles, (2) always answer the phone when your mother calls, and (3) if you spike someone’s drink, karma can come back to bite […]