Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season Three Trailer Arrives And It’s Time To “suck a little saw”

Ash Vs. Evil Dead – it doesn’t get much more fun or bloody when it come to TV based horror.  Seems like we’ve been waiting a while for season three – that’s because it has in fact been a while since Ash and his co-horts have graced our living rooms but Starz is ramping up for the Feb. 25th premiere of said season. That may seem a while off but – it will be here […]

“Ash vs Evil Dead” S02E10: Second Coming

Ash vs Evil Dead isn’t a show too based in narrative weight. After all, coming from the original Evil Dead series that always swung for the bizarre and brazen more than it has dramatic heft. Even the original film – for all its over the top early Bruce Campbell face contortions – was more over the top than anything. Of course, Ash vs Evil Dead has strived to give a bit more emotional context to the madness and go […]

“Ash vs Evil Dead” S02E09: Home Again

For the holidays you can’t beat home sweet home. Well, that’s at least what Ash vs Evil Dead wants us to get on board for with the penultimate episode of Season 2 “Home Again.” When I heard that this episode was going to feature the group returning to the main setting of the first two Evil Dead films, I was a bit worried. Last season wrapped up pretty nicely in that cabin, but going back to the well again […]

“Ash vs Evil Dead” S02E08: Ashy Slashy

Ash Williams has been through a lot. On this season of Ash vs Evil Dead alone, he’s lost his father, his best friend and his sister… again. So, it’s only reasonable that his sanity would now be on the line. Good thing that the other “Ghostbeaters” Pablo, Kelly and Ruby come riding into the semi-abandoned mental hospital to save Ash from the evil influence of Baal. “Ashy Slashy” is a relatively Ash-lite episode, allowing our other characters to […]

“Ash vs Evil Dead” S02E07: Delusion

Ash vs Evil Dead loves to experiment with the reality our characters perceive. It’s something Craig DiGregorio and his team of writers have carried over from Sam Raimi’s style in the original films. With “Delusion” though, it’s a whole different ball game. The context of “Delusion” is one I was honestly dreading when I heard about it last week. Ash is put into a setup that seems to point towards all of the earlier events in […]

“Ash vs Evil Dead” S02E06: Trapped Inside

This week’s Ash vs Evil Dead has a solid double meaning for it’s title. While Pablo has the power of the Necronomicon stuffed inside of his body, Ash, Ruby, Kelly, Linda and Lacey are trying to protect him while a barrage of locals trying to get into Ash’s old house. Lest we forget, someone else is inside the house as they’re trapped too. A bit of Night of the Living Dead, a shade of Exorcist and a pinch of a […]

“Ash vs Evil Dead” S02E05: Confinement

Happy Halloween, Grue Believers! But more importantly, Happy 1st Birthday, Ash vs Evil Dead! Yes, one year ago today “El Jefe” premiered and sent us on the wild ride that has been this series. Of course, like any one year old, Ash vs Evil Dead is celebrating it’s day of birth by skinning someone alive. At the start of “Confinement,” we get our first glimpse of Baal, the demonic entity that Ruby has been hinting at for the […]

“Ash vs Evil Dead” S02E04: DUI

After an ending as insane as last week, Ash vs Evil Dead needed to up the ante with the follow up. As Ash says while scooping up the brain of his father, “everyone in his life ends up being taken,” putting Pablo, Kelly and even poor little Eli at risk of being destroyed by Deadites. The stakes are being raised pretty high, especially when Pablo is taken by the possessed Delta and Kelly is off to find […]

“Ash vs Evil Dead” S02E03: Last Call

This weekend marked the 35th anniversary of The Evil Dead premiering. So, what better way for Ash to celebrate his birthday than a round of drinks on Ash vs Evil Dead?! Well, there’s an ulterior motive to Ash’s decadent actions this week. Specifically to draw in those damn punk kids who took his one true love: that 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88. Appropriately, we get a montage of Ash and his car made up of earlier footage, not just for […]

“Ash vs Evil Dead” S02E01: Home

Welcome back, Delightful Deadites! Ash vs Evil Dead has returned to our screens with all the gore and glory we hoped for. Despite the little truce from last season, it looks like things have fallen through by the in media res start of “Home.” Right off the bat, Lucy Lawless‘ Ruby has her hands full with a couple of pale ghouls we saw at the end of last season who try to get their hands on the Necronomicon. […]

“Ash vs the Evil Dead” S01E09: Bound in Flesh / S01E10: The Dark One

First of all, apologies for the double review for the final two episodes of Ash vs the Evil Dead. I got caught up in New Years plans and work, forcing me to combine these two into one article. Plus, as I was trying to write about “Bound in Flesh”, I honestly couldn’t find too much to say beyond it serving as a decent enough build up to the final episode of the season. There were a few […]

“Ash vs the Evil Dead” S01E08: Ashes to Ashes

It only seems appropriate that this week’s Ash vs the Evil Dead aired the same weekend as the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens. As I’ve mentioned on Horror News Radio, modern Hollywood’s newest recurring trend is (as ScreenCrush’s Matt Singer dubs it) “The Legacyquel“, in which an older property is essentially rebooted with the help of older cast members passing the torch to a new generation while joining them for the ride. Often, this’ll involve said […]

“Ash vs the Evil Dead” S01E06: The Killer of Killers

Forward momentum is an elusive mistress for Ash vs the Evil Dead. Just when I thought things were kicking back into higher gear with last week’s return to form episode, this week’s spends roughly 80% of its running time meandering with hit or miss character moments and re-expositing plot points we’re aware of. Then, the episode pulls a complete 180 by actually delivering on everything this season has been missing with two of its more under […]

“Ash vs the Evil Dead” S01E05: The Host

The Evil Dead was never a film series deeply rooted in logic or reason. Sam Raimi always strove for more of a constant guttural burst of emotions, whether it be a laugh, a scream or occasionally a sense of empathy. This week’s Ash vs the Evil Dead intentionally references that visceral philosophy via dialogue, mostly as a means to establish the theme of thinking with gut instinct for the episode. After all, thinking hurts. Especially when Ash J. Williams is involved. […]

“Ash vs the Evil Dead” S01E04: Brujo

Ash vs the Evil Dead has been capable of doing many things that the original Evil Dead films really didn’t touch. An extended narrative, sexual intercourse and, as seen in this week’s “Brujo”, drug implications. Despite a premise where a group of teenagers get away to the woods, The Evil Dead isn’t a film that deals with much in the way of illegal materials. The closest the universe has managed to get in terms of tackling such substances before the marijuana fueled kick […]