[Review] “The Walking Dead” S08E01: Mercy

Well, it came and went, that moment Walking Dead fans around the world have been waiting for; the season eight premiere.  This past week social media and television alike were inundated with gentle reminders that AMC’s crown jewel was making its way back.  The Walking Dead is entering its eighth season with mixed reviews as a lot of fans have not been happy with certain directions the show has taken; some have stopped watching altogether […]

“The Walking Dead” S07E16: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Grue-Believers, season seven of The Walking Dead has come to an end. Judging by online reactions, this made a lot of people happy due to the heavy abundance of lackluster episodes. Yes, we did have some fun laughing at Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) quips; yes, we had some heartbreak with the loss of some fan favorite characters; yes, we had some neat zombie designs and yes most of all we had a lot of yawns and […]

“The Walking Dead” S07E15: Something They Need

Grue-Believers, it’s your favorite time of the week.  Time for my weekly review of As the World….I mean The Walking Dead.   Hope ya’ll had a great weekend as Spring is trying to get to us.  Also another tidbit of good news is that I will be covering the New Jersey Horror Con this weekend in Edison, NJ.  If you are near, you should come on down and hang out.  Some of my favorite peeps will […]

“The Walking Dead” S07E14: The Other Side

Grue-Believers, how the heck was your week? My week was sunny and in the 80’s out in California. Unfortunately, I came back to a whopping 24 inches of snow in northeastern Pennsylvania. The 24 inches was a record for the most snow to fall in a 24 hour period here. Speaking of falling, viewership for The Walking Dead has really plummeted. The first episode of season 7 had 17.03 million viewers, while last week’s episode […]

“The Walking Dead” S07E13: Bury Me Here

Grue-Believers, we – and by we I mean Pennsylvania – are about to be pummeled with a huge snow storm. Fortunately your resident Thug’s day job has him in sunny California all week, leaving the snow blowing and shoveling to my wife. Speaking of snow, since its mid-season preview The Walking Dead has been snowing us all with some awfulness. I had a bit of hope two weeks ago and then last week’s carnival sojourn […]

“The Walking Dead” S07E12: Say Yes

Grue-Believers, just when you thought spring had sprung we get hit with another cold spell here in good old northeastern Pennsylvania.  It can be as cold as it wants next week here in PA because I will be on the west coast for the week at my California office.  Another surprise besides the weather (ok it wasn’t really that much of a surprise), just as you thought The Walking Dead was turning the corner after […]

“The Walking Dead” S07E11: Hostiles and Calamities

Grue-Believers, how is you week going thus far? Mine, extremely busy! My day job has been tremendously eventful and my life outside of my day job has been just as hectic. It’s not easy trying to be the world’s strongest H&S Director and horror reviewer. As busy as I am, I never forget about y’all! Unfortunately, I think The Walking Dead does. Sometimes, a show becomes so popular that they go into cruise control and […]

“The Walking Dead” S07E10: New Best Friends

Grue-Believers, what is the good word? How is everyone enjoying this winter or lack thereof? It is hitting the sixty degree threshold in northeastern Pennsylvania in the middle of February, which is unheard of. I am definitely liking it in a big way. Unfortunately, the same set of feelings cannot be stated for my thoughts two episodes into the second half of season seven of The Walking Dead. It’s not direction because that is still […]

“The Walking Dead” S07E09: Rock in the Road

Welcome back, Grue-Believers. It’s been a few months since last we talked and what a better time to re-unite than Valentine’s Day! Can you smell the bouquets of flowers in the anticipation of fresh new love in the air? Nah, we’re horror hounds; we anticipate slashers, vamps, zombies, and monsters and prefer the scent of autumn leaves on a crisp October night in Haddonfield with the anticipation of wondering who or what is next. Once […]

“The Walking Dead” S07E08: Hearts Still Beating

What’s up, Grue-Believers? Did anyone else get hit with snow over the weekend? Is everyone gearing up for Christmas? I’m pretty stoked since I will be off the week between Christmas and New Year. I still have a bunch of gifts to get too. Speaking of gifts, here’s a great idea: go to Tee Public and grab some Gruesome Magazine gear for all your loved ones! If they bring it to a con we are […]

“The Walking Dead” S07E07: Sing Me a Song

Grue-Believers, how was your Cyber Monday? Did you get all your Christmas shopping done? Me — not so much, but I am a “last minute” kind of shopper. I bring you all gifts every week in the form of my recap/review of The Walking Dead as well as the pain and suffering that sometimes is involved with watching the shows and movies I review. That said, you all are worth it just to put smiles […]

“The Walking Dead” S07E05: Swear

Grue-Believers, how is everyone’s turkey hangover? Well, for those of you who woke up from your tryptophan induced slumber in time to see this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, I’m sure — like me — you wished that you ate a bit more turkey to sleep that extra hour. Without pulling any punches, I will tell you this review will be short. An episode that is this lazily written and really serves no other […]

The Walking Dead” S07E05: Go Getters

Grue-Believers, who is ready for some turkey? Before we stuff our turkeys, make the filling and pumpkin pies on this holiday season in the Staates, we all get to sit down together as Walking Dead fans and watch this week’s episode “Go Getters”. This season has been fairly great so far; but, as I’ve said before, the inevitable “turkey” is coming and, boy, she flopped right down onto the dinner table last night. Sit on […]

The Walking Dead” S07E04: Service

Grue-Believers, what’s the word? Has anyone started their Christmas shopping? When shopping for a present for your resident thug, you should know I’m not too picky, but make sure it’s awesome. The first three episodes of this season of The Walking Dead have been pretty dang good. The problem with peaks is eventually, you wind up in some valleys and I’m expecting the first one to show up soon. With that said, let’s get this […]

The Walking Dead” S07E03: The Cell

Grue-Believers, what’s going on? No safety conferences this week, just continuing to keep the world safe one day at a time – well, part of it anyway. This week The Walking Dead transitioned from “The Well” to “The Cell.” They’re poets and don’t know it. Ok, that was my cheese for the week. Let’s throw on some Collapsible Hearts Club, grab our doggie chow sandwiches, and jump into “The Cell.” The episode started with a […]