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[Podcast] Making Effects with Joe Castro

This week on the podcast Joe and Zane welcome back Justin from his one man tap show; his legs were tired but having special effects wizard Joe Castro, as this week’s guest made everything all better. Joe Castro began his effects career at the ripe age of 15 after winning a special effects makeup contest […]

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“Vexed” (2016): A Quiet Night In Becomes a Terrifying Ordeal  

An evening that begins with watching a horror video at home turns into a terrifying, surreal night for a young couple in Glass Cabin Films’ short film Vexed. The effort also has some sly humor to it, making for a fun, appealing watch. Leah (Nosheen Phoenix) is a horror-film aficionado who can’t understand her boyfriend […]

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The Black Saint’s Ten Worst Horror Films Of 2016

2016 was something of a banner year for horror films in terms of box office, if not critical, success. Films like The Boy, Annabelle, and The Forest didn’t exactly wow the critics, but they made nifty profits for their respective studios. Other films, which were both critical and box office triumphs also flourished in 2016. […]