[Contest] “We Go On” Blu-ray from Lightyear Entertainment and directors Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton

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Lightyear Entertainment is teaming up with Horror News Radio and Gruesome Magazine to provide a Blu-ray giveaway of WE GO ON (2016) from the makers of Yellowbrickroad. The film is written and directed by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton. Lightyear will be releasing WE GO ON on Blu-ray & DVD on April 4, 2017. Thanks to good folks at Lightyear […]

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“We Go On”: Supernatural Thriller With Good Festival Buzz Gets a Home Video Release Date

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The supernatural thriller We Go On has been getting some pretty good buzz on the festival circuit, and now we have a home video release date. It is being released by Lightyear Entertainment through Momentum Pictures/Sony Home Entertainment and will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD on April 4, 2017. Here is a clip to […]

[Podcast] Southbound – Interview Andy Mitton, d. We Go On – Episode 152 – Horror News Radio

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The Grue-Crew are joined by director Andy Mitton who, along with co-director Jesse Holland, directed the supernatural thriller WE GO ON. The film is the followup to their hit film YELLOWBRICKROAD and features the tale of Miles Grissom searching for the answer to the burning question: Is there life after death? Andy shares how the film grew from […]