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All The Info You Need On The Release Of ‘To Hell And Back: The Kane Hodder Story’

Without a doubt – Kane Hodder is a modern horror icon.  his brutal portral of Jason is that of legend and the scope and depth of his talent is still to this day being unearthed. What most of us had no idea of was the amazing story of the man behind the mayhem.  Based on […]

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Hallmark Embraces The Horror And Brings Some Slashers To Their “Itty Bitty” Line Of Collectables

When you think horror – you certainly do not think of Hallmark – as in the channel – or the greeting card store but you know what – you’re going to want to start keeping an eye on what’s going on at that Hallmark Store at that strip mall in town.  Seems they have a […]

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New Friday the 13th Game Footage Plus A New Tom Savini Designed Jason Make Their Debut

If you’re like me – you’re thinking “really, another damn trailer for this game?”  But damn – this thing is pretty impressive.  Some truly violent and horrific kills make their debut this time around.  As well as debuting this new look at some of the carnage – Gun Media also rolled out a skin that […]