“The Blackcoat’s Daughter” (2015): Slow Burn With Atmosphere in Overdrive

After hitting the festival circuit as a film titled February in 2015, The Blackcoat’s Daughter eventually inked a distribution deal with A24 and finally received a limited theatrical and VOD release on March 31, 2017. It’s a bit of a puzzlement as to why it took so long to wrangle distribution. The Blackcoat’s Daughter is a deeply disturbing film that delivers its atmospheric, packed punch in its own time. Make no mistake about it; when […]

Interview: James Remar (The Blackcoat’s Daughter)

James Remar made a big impression in 1979 with the second film he appeared in, The Warriors, and he’s never looked back. He’s appeared in dozens of films like The Long Riders (1980), 48 Hours (1982), Band Of The Hand (1986), Tales From The Darkside: The Movie (1990), The Phantom (1996) and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997). He’s also appeared in various television shows like Walker: Texas Ranger, Nash Bridges, 7th Heaven, The X Files, Sex […]

Kiernan Shipka Credit: Photo by Petr Maur, courtesy of A24.

“The Blackcoat’s Daughter” (2015): Atmospheric Trailer Drops for Wintery Horror Tale

The official trailer for writer/director Osgood Perkins’ The Blackcoat’s Daughter is out, and boy does it look creepy. Originally title February, the trailer evokes that wintery month, with its muted colors and snowscapes. It is the tale of two girls (Lucy Boynton and Kiernan Shipka) stuck at an empty prep school during winter break and, there look to be some creepy and unnerving things going on around the campus.  At the same time, another young […]

“Scream Queens” S01E12 / S01E13: Dorkus / The Final Girl(s)

This review contains spoilers. Well, Grue-believers, the finale of Scream Queens departed with a 2-part episode. The season overall is a winner for me with hilarious quips, great sarcasm, ingenious insults and just downright swell acting, directing and writing. With that being said, let’s jump in to see if the finale holds up. I won’t keep you in suspense: IT DIDN’T! I was flipping Murphy’d! Lazy writing, ho-hum story-line and a resolution that is “meh” at best. On […]

“Scream Queens” S01E10: Thanksgiving

This review contains spoilers. I wanted to start this review by saying Happy Thanksgiving to the Grue-believers out there. Things I’m thankful for in the realm of Scream Queens: I have not been completely Murphy’d yet, Chad and his Radness, the casting of the show especially Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Munsch, Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin, Charisma Carpenter as No. 2’s mom (even though she didn’t get much screen time and last but not […]

“Scream Queens” S01E09: Ghost Stories

This review contains spoilers. Scream Queens has been solid most of the season despite being a Ryan Murphy property. During the Gruesome Magazine/Horror News Radio podcast we did this weekend (you should be able to download soon), Doc posed the question whether I thought this would be a continuation series or a new story with a new cast every season. The answer to that is: I’m not sure, but I am leaning towards it changing stories […]

“Scream Queens” S01E08: Mommie Dearest

This review contains spoilers. Well, friends, when I left you all last week, I was angry at the thought of being Murphy’d. I still haven’t watched anything past the first episode of American Horror Story Hotel because the first episode was such a steaming pile of…well, you know. On a much better note I will say this: Ash vs. The Evil Dead is amazing on every level and is currently my favorite TV show. If you […]

“Scream Queens” S01E07: Beware of Young Girls

Let me first apologize for the lateness of this review. Life has been pretty busy but in a good way. Anyway, Scream Queens is back after taking a one week break because of the World Series. Happily one week was all it took for the Royals to dismantle the Mets (Sorry, Santos, but as a Phillies fan I could never root for the Mets). Did I miss Scream Queens? I would say I missed the “Chadisms” […]

“Scream Queens” S01E04: Haunted House

Another episode of Scream Queens hits FOX and we are at episode four of this train wreck. Much like that crash that everyone slows down to “rubber neck,” I can’t look away. I’m not quite sure why. The sheer idiocy of the characters is entertaining on some level, Jamie Lee Curtis is superb as Dean Munch and I do like Oliver Hudson’s character Wes. I also like that I have no clue who the killers are (we’ve established […]

“Scream Queens” S01E03: Chainsaw

The third episode of Scream Queens, titled “Chainsaw,” is giving me cause to pause… Where do I begin? I’m not that old that I don’t have the capacity to enjoy a hip new show. I definitely have the capacity to tell if a show that is trying way too hard to be new and hip is actually just a piece of crap wrapped up in clichés and “witty” vernaculars that are trying way hard to […]

[TV Review] “Scream Queens” S01E01 – S01E02 (2015): Pilot – Hell Week

For those of you that have been following my Fear The Walking Dead reviews, you all know my hate/hate relationship with that show. After watching the pilot for Scream Queens, which airs on the Fox on Tuesdays at 9 pm, I may prefer FTWD! Bold statement? YEP! This show reminds me of a dreadful mixture of Jawbreaker meets Mean Girls meets Glee. The show opened with a meager 4 million viewers and only a 1.7 […]

[Trailer] Scream Queens – ‘Wild Rumors’

A new teaser trailer has been released for the FOX series Scream Queens.  Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Oliver Hudson, Lea Michele , Abigail Breslin and Keke Palmer it comes to us from Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. The two hour premiere episode attacks on Sept. 22nd and as the following trailer points out deals with a devil headed killers knocking off pretty co-eds one my one.  Sounds like just our cup […]