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Kill Giggles Wraps, Cast Includes Vernon Wells, Felissa Rose, Judith O’Dea, and Ellie Church

Shooting Wraps on “Kill Giggles” Greensboro, NC filmmakers, supported by stars and creatives from all over the world, came together for 20 days to shoot a new clown film in the Greensboro area. KILL GIGGLES stars talented North Carolina local Michael Ray Williams (Watch If You Dare (2018)) as unhinged killer Tommy dos Santos alongside […]

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Judith O’Dea, Vernon Wells, and Felissa Rose Join the Cast of Kill Giggles

KILLER CLOWN FILM “KILL GIGGLES” ON INDIEGOGO! Everyone has their own phobias. For some it’s spiders, or heights, or being buried alive. For director Jaysen Buterin, it’s CLOWNS! So, why on Earth is he tackling a film about clowns in his upcoming film KILL GIGGLES, you ask. Well, check out his crowdfunding campaign to learn […]

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Born Again (2016): Festival Favorite Horror-Comedy Lands a Halloween Eve Premiere on Short of the Week

Featuring Ellie Church and Randall Greenland, the horror-comedy short Born Again has been delighting horror fans at film festivals for some time now, and for good reason. The Grue-Crew have caught the film a number of the film festivals and it always proves to be a highlight of the event. Now, you too can see […]

Space Babes from Outer Space
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“Space Babes from Outer Space”: Retro Eighties-style SciFi Sex Comedy Available for Pre-order

Bandit Motion Pictures, the folks behind the indie horror flicks  Harvest Lake (2016) and  Plank Face (2016), are heading in a different direction for their latest film.  Space Babes from Outer Space (2017) is an eighties-style science fiction sex comedy, and it looks about as far from their previous films as one can get. It […]

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Actress Kristi Ray Looks Toward a Bright Fright-Fare Future During “Women In Horror Month”

A few years ago, I was an outsider not knowing what to expect when I answered a creepy Craigslist casting call from David Long for the female lead in a little indie horror flick called Pieces of Talent. This action ultimately catapulted me into the in-crowd of underground horror. That’s where I realized it’s impossible […]

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“Frankenstein Created Bikers” (GenreBlast 2016): An Instant Cult Film Fueled on Alcohol, Gratuitous Nudity and Spatterific Gore

No one has a clearer vision of the film he wants to create than director James Anthony Bickert. His latest film, the amusingly titled Frankenstein Created Bikers, is a throwback to the drive-in, grindhouse horror films of the 1970s. The film blends horror and biker genres of that age together in a bloody, exploitation fueled […]