The Best Zombie Moments In George A. Romero’s Dead Films

I am a horror fan. I love the genre like no other and as a horror fan I have learned that there are two certainties we must deal with. 1. If a horror movie is beloved and considered a classic, it’ll undoubtedly be remade at some point. 2. Most of these remakes are sub-par at best. As a fan, I generally don’t like or understand – like most fans – the idea of something that […]

Phantom Factor – A New Segment for Horror News Radio!

Grue Believers, with the passing of Santos Ellin Jr in 2017, we decided to retire Stump The Saint out of respect. Yet, along with dearly missing our departed friend, we also missed the weekly chance to get our fans involved on the show in a spirited competition of knowledge based in horror trivia. So, after putting our heads together and thinking for the past few months, we’ve crafted a new game show. One in which you – […]

[Podcast] The Worst Horror Films of 2017 – Better Watch Out – Episode 245 – Horror News Radio

Hope for the best, expect the worst! That’s The Grue Crew’s motto as Horror News Radio dives head first into The Worst Horror Films of 2017 with special guest Joey Fittos. Each panelist has a fair share of dreck to wade through. There’s talk of Tom Cruise battling wrapped up Egyptians, the latest return to the Amityville House and… whatever the hell Kuso was. What other films made the list? Listen and find out! The Grue Crew also […]

[Podcast] Day of the Dead (1985) – Episode 114 – Decades of Horror 1980s

“Choke on ’em. CHOKE ON ‘EM!” Rhodes (Joseph Pilato) tells those ghouls exactly what they can do with his own guts. It’s a terrifying example of zombie carnage. One that still stands as a special effects achievement for Tom Savini. Still, does that mean Day of the Dead holds a candle to what George A. Romero started in Night or Dawn? Some would say no. Others say it ratchets things up to the next level. Where does this crew stand? […]