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[Podcast] Top 8 Up And Coming Genre Directors – Episode 273 – Horror News Radio

 We get a glimpse as “Crazy Evil” with the Nicolas Cage film Mandy. Vanessa squeals with glee as Shudder announces Joe Bob Briggs is returning to TV with The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs on Friday, July 13. The world bids a fond farewell to a prolific, influential, and often controversial genre writer Harlan Ellison. And, the Grue-Crew discuss […]

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Chiller Films acquires “Siren” for Theatrical & VOD, HD & DVD release.

If you remember a film called V/H/S from a few years back, then you’ll definitely remember a segment from it called “Amateur Night”. Written/Directed by David Bruckner, it told the tale of a group of frat boys enjoying a night out on the town, and the two girls they picked up with the intent of […]

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[Podcast] Southbound – Interview Andy Mitton, d. We Go On – Episode 152 – Horror News Radio

The Grue-Crew are joined by director Andy Mitton who, along with co-director Jesse Holland, directed the supernatural thriller WE GO ON. The film is the followup to their hit film YELLOWBRICKROAD and features the tale of Miles Grissom searching for the answer to the burning question: Is there life after death? Andy shares how the film grew from […]

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“Southbound” (2016): A Road Paved with Horror and Gore

In the recent years, the horror anthology film is seeing a bit of a revival with films such as V/H/S, the ABCs of Death, Trick R Treat and A Christmas Horror Story to name just a few. The team behind the successful V/H/S series of films is now out to scare, fascinate and entertain fans […]