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[Review] Cold Moon (2017) – by Jeff Mohr

Jeff Mohr is thrilled to be reviewing a film based on the works of the late author Michael McDowell. Writer-director Griff Furst adapts Cold Moon Over Babylon as the feature film Cold Moon (2017) from Uncork’d Entertainment. The movie stars  Josh Stewart (“Shooter”, The Dark Knight Rises), Christopher Lloyd (the Back to the Future series), […]

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[Podcast] I Am Not A Serial Killer (2016) — Episode 183 — Horror News Radio

IFC is distributing one of the most surprising and rewarding independent horror features of the year with I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER. The thoroughly engrossing small but effective film is from director  Billy O’Brien featuring Christopher Lloyd,  Max Records, and Laura Fraser. The Grue-crew are generally united in their opinion of the film of […]

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“The Narrative of Victor Karloch” (2012) and “The Mill at Calder’s End” (2015): Puppetry Brings Ghost Stories to Chilling Life in “The Spirit Cabinet” Short Films

Using bunraku puppets and in-camera effects, director Kevin McTurk has crafted two short supernatural horror films that are marvelously rendered and meticulously detailed. These first two installments in his The Spirit Cabinet series are imbued with a sense of old-school wonder, traditional special effects, and classic storytelling, and at the same time, they also feel […]