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Take Off Your Blindfold Just Long Enough To Check Out The Trailer And Poster For Netflix’s ‘Bird Box’

Sporting a majorly kick-ass cast – and a plot that seems to borrow a bit from one of this past summers horror hits – Netflix brings us Bird Box.  Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, Sarah Paulson, and John Malkovich all-star- and that’s some pretty heavyweight talent – I think you will have to agree – and […]

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Film Review: Halloween 2018 – Dave’s Comments On The Return Of The Iconic Franchise

Spoiler Alert!  I don’t think I included anything that could ruin the film for anyone but out of an abundance of caution – if you don’t want to possibly read anything that could give any plot points away – go away till after you see it.  Here – I’ll give you my short version of […]

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Trailer and Poster Debuts For Occult Thriller ‘Welcome To Mercy’

IFC Midnight has built themselves a strong reputation for bringing us quality scares and today brings the announcement of a new one that will be dropping in theaters and VOD right after the Halloween season.  Titled Welcome To Mercy – we’ll get the following storyline: “A young woman struggles against the unholy forces that possess […]