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The Night He Runs Home – Brings Us Some Shoes To Die For

Horror-themed footwear is certainly not a new thing but – affordable, good-looking horror footwear is a bit harder to come by. has got our back though – they’ve got two new sets of Michael Myer’s themed sneakers that are as handsome as they are inexpensive. They’ve just released a pair of high tops along […]

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Found Footage Freakiness Abounds This Month at San Francisco’s Unnamed Footage Festival

Found-footage horror fanatics, get your drool cups ready: San Francisco’s Unnamed Footage Festival is back on the big screen with a slate of new and repertory films featuring everything from invading extraterrestrials to vicious slashers to vengeful spirits, and beyond! Following is the official press announcement. After a year in cyber captivity, the Unnamed Footage […]

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[Exclusive Interview] – Director Rob Schroeder And Stars Chelsea Lopez And Breeda Wool – ULTRASOUND (2022)

ULTRASOUND starts off like countless horror films. During a stormy night, Glen’s (Vincent Kartheiser) car breaks down. Seeking help, he’s welcomed into the house of an overly-friendly couple, Art and Cyndi (Bob Stephenson and Chelsea Lopez). But when Art insists that Glen sleep with his much younger wife, things start to get a little weird. […]

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Hour-Long Special Celebrates RE-ANIMATOR And Its Return To FULL MOON FEATURES

Arguably the most WTF adaptation ever of a Lovecraft tale – Re-Animator holds a special place in many a horror fan’s hearts – the one constructing this article included. Jeffrey Comb’s portrayal of Herbert West is horror legend – and from director Stuart Gordon to the remaining cast – it is a cult classic from […]

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Stephen King Announces New Novel HOLLY – And It’s Exactly What You’re Hoping It Is

Stephen King has brought us many memorable characters through the years but a certain OCD suffering, on the spectrum private investigator is the most recent King creation who has captured “constant readers” hearts and minds. Holly Gibney was originally created as a walk-on character, – as King explains- “I could never let Holly Gibney go […]

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The RENEGADE FILM FESTIVAL is heading to ATLANTA March 3-5, 2022

Previously known as the Women In Horror Film Festival, the RENEGADE FILM FESTIVAL launches with its new moniker on March 3, 2022. This is a big step in signaling the return of Film Festivals nationwide. Ironically, the festival was the last Film Festival the Grue-Crew attended before COVID turned the world upside down in 2020 […]

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[Trailer] Foo Fighters Get Bloody In The Red Band Trailer Debut For STUDIO 666

Heavy metal and horror – they go together like – well – heavy metal and horror. We’ve been talking about this project for Dave Grohl and his Fighters of Foo for a while now – and as of this writing, we are only three short days away from this little gem dancing on our eyeballs. […]

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Wisconsin’s MidWest WeirdFest Delivers Science Fiction, the Supernatural, and the Surreal

Wisconsin’s MidWest WeirdFest has announced the full lineup for its 2022 edition from March 4-6, and it’s a wild one, as always! This unique film festival offers up a bounty of cinematic strangeness, including documentaries and narrative features about alien contact, cryptid creatures, and slasher mayhem. The official press announcement follows. MidWest WeirdFest announces its […]

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[Trailer] Things Get Strange In The Trailer For DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS

Any flick directed by Sam Raimi is going to grab my attention – and I’m thinking the same holds true for many of you as well. Raimi has been saying all along that his foray into the Marvel Universe would have horror-tinged themes – and judging from what you’re about to see – I’d say […]

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[Trailer] Everyone Is Looking Up And Saying NOPE

This morning Universal dropped the trailer for the latest from horror wunderkind Jordan Peele – it’s been kept under pretty tight wraps till this point – only releasing a one-sheet poster that still managed to get folks talking. If that poster got your attention- this trailer should put you over the top. From the press […]

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[Trailer] Universal Brings The Jurassic Saga Franchise To A Close With JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION

I still remember sitting in my padded seat, anticipation at its peak, as the lights dimmed and the world got its first look at the amazing creations that Steven Spielberg and Stan Winston had crafted for us back when Jurassic Park debuted almost 20 years ago – it’s unimaginable that it has been that long […]