Jamie Lee Curtis Confirmed – Laurie Strode Returns In 2018’s ‘HALLOWEEN’

In what can only be described as a major win for both Blumhouse and Universal – it has been confirmed that Jamie Lee Curtis will in deed be returning the the franchise that made her a household name in the upcoming Danny Mcbride / David Gordon Green HALLOWEEN flick that will hit theaters in a little over a year. It was announced via Twitter: Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode […]

John Carpenter Returns To The Road – Video For ‘Christine’

If you’ve been paying attention – the fact that horror legend John Caprenter has – of late – been spending time recording music and touring with his band, bringing a new experience for fans of this true icon on the genre. It was announce a few weeks back that a new album would be making it’s way to the fans come October.  Titled Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998,  it features more classic tunes from Mr. Carpenter. […]

Win A ‘IT’ Prize Pack – All The Cool Kids Want One!

Thanks to the amazing folks at Warner Brothers – we’re able to offer up a kick ass IT prize packs for your wearing and viewing enjoyment.  Everybody loves Swag – especially when it’s from what will likely end up being the horror event film of the year. So – what’s in this amazing package of awesomeness? 1- IT Tote Bag 1 – IT T-shirt 1- IT Whistle 2 – IT Red Balloons 1 – IT […]

Universal Rolls Out The Trailer And Key Art For Insidious:The Last Key

Over the course of the last few days we’ve found out some things about the much anticipated fourth chapter in the Insidious franchise.  Titled Insidious: The Last Key – it will be making it’s way to theaters on Jan. 5th, 2018. A trailer showed up this morning: Don’t have much to go on story wise but – we do know that the film is “set years before the events from the previous films and follows […]

The Creeper Returns In The Trailer For ‘Jeepers Creepers 3

The Jeepers Creepers films get a bad rap because of the man behind the camera.  Victor Salva, because of his sexual predator status and prison time has long been a divisive figure in the horror world.  Some think he should be shunned – banned from making more films, others feel he’s done his time  – paid his price to society and should be left alone to make his films.  Through all of this, he has […]

A Trailer And A Poster Make Their Debut For ‘Friend Request’

The last few years we’ve seen more then our fair share of “social media” based horror films – don’t know how you feel about our choices so far but – in my opinion, we’ve yet to get one that gets it right. Could director Simon Verhoeven’s effort Friend Request be the one that finally locks it in?  Time will tell and we don’t have to wait long.  Friend Request is opening nationwide on Sept. 22nd […]

Small Town Monsters Invites You On A Road Trip To Chestnut Ridge

Seth Breedlove and his band of merry monster hunters over at Small Town Monsters have become a paranormal documentary making machine – they’ve searched for Bigfoot a couple of times now – they investigated the Mothman and now they are going to head on over to Pennsylvania to look at all the strange happenings that occur around an area known as Chestnut Ridge.  Invasion On Chestnut Ridge is the name of the new project and […]

Indie Actress Kristi Ray

Actress Kristi Ray Vies for Title of “Indie Scream Queen”

Indie actress, Gruesome Magazine contributor, and fan-favorite Kristi Ray is now a Top 10 Finalist in the 2017 Indie Scream Queen Contest being put on by the 3rd Annual Northern Frights Festival in Northern Ontario. She should be no stranger to Gruesome Magazine readers. On episode 92 of Horror News Radio, the Grue-Crew take a look at Pieces of Talent (2014), which stars Kristi Ray in the lead role of Charlotte. The Spring 2017 issue of Gruesome […]

Tobe Hooper – A Remembrance

At this point in time – I would think that anyone whom follows the horror scene is aware of the fact that our genre lost yet another defining and important voice on Saturday evening. Director / Writer Tobe Hooper leaves behind an amazing resume of genre defining work that film scholars will lament about for decades to come and I feel fortunate to have been discovering the world of horror cinema at a time when […]

Stephen King And Andy Muschietti Talk ‘IT’

This weekend the early reviews for IT have begun to show up online and buzz is good, it’s very good actually and on top of all that good word of mouth – the PR machine and Warner Bros. has also kicked things up a bit – releasing a whole set of open ended interview clips that are just chock full of great information to further build the frenzy for the Sept. 8th debut. Figured no […]

Stump The Saint – Death to Notes

Stump The Saint – Horror News Radio’s weekly game show in which the listeners guide Thomas Mariani to the trivia questions poised to stump Santos “The Black Saint” Ellin Jr. Despite his love of trivia, Santos is capable of being stumped on a weekly basis! As to where the audience comes in to Stump The Saint it’s quite simple: Look at the individual topic of the week Comment – either in this post or in the comments of the […]

Tony Todd and Derek Mears Join Forces For #FromJennifer

Director Frank Merle has been a busy man and a press release just showed up to announce all his hard work.  His film #From Jennifer is about to have its big VOD roll out via Sector 5 Films and a trailer and some key art have shown up to herald its arrival. First up though – let’s have a look at the press release and bring ourselves up to speed on all the details. From […]

Trailer Debut For ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Hits Close To Home

The debut of AHS: Cult is fast approaching.  American Horror Story seems to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with horror fans.  Personally – I kind of dug Roanoke last year and I like the premise that season seven seems to be presenting.  FX just let loose with a full trailer – the last few weeks we’ve been overun with those little 15-second teaser spots so it’s nice to get a good hard look […]

Adam Scott’s Relationship Goes To Hell In The Trailer For ‘Little Evil’

Netflix just keeps on pumping out the genre fare and the next one in the pipeline is Little Evil.  Adam Scott finds himself the stepfather to the Anti-Christ.  Don’t you hate it when that happens? Little Evil will be making it’s debut on the streaming service on Sept. 1st so of course – a trailer had to be released.  The synopsis is short and sweet: “Gary, who just married Samantha only to find out that […]

Kane Hodder And Adam Green Surprise Slasher Fans With ‘Victor Crowley’

In this age of instant information – keeping anything secret is a huge accomplishment, and to keep it under wraps for 2 years is damn near unheard of but – director Adam Green managed just that.  With the 10 year anniversary of his slice and dice slasher flick HATCHET upon us – celebration screenings and fan gatherings were announced and last night was the big event. When fans showed up for what they thought was […]