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Joel Hoekstra, Michael Sweet, And Friends Create A Sound That Is ICONIC – Check Out The Supergroups Two Singles – NOWHERE TO RUN And FAST AS YOU CAN

Supergroups – they’ve been around for decades, some more SUPER than others but this new teaming, calling themselves ICONIC truly lives up to the hype. Check out this line-up. Joel Hoekstra, Michael Sweet, Marco Mendoza, Tommy Aldridge, and Nathan James. If you’re a metal fan, these names are synonymous with metal legend. Whitesnake, Stryper, TSO, […]

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[Trailer] David Cronenberg Returns To His Body Horror Roots In CRIMES OF THE FUTURE

In the ’70s and 80’s the films of David Cronenberg were legendary – SCANNERS, RABID, VIDEODROME, all the way up to THE FLY – all masterpieces of what came to be known as “body horror” and while the director’s more recent works have all been masterful, with CRIMES OF THE FUTURE he appears to be […]

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[Trailer] Practical Effects And Loud Growls Abound In The Trailer Debut For THE BEAST COMES AT MIDNIGHT

No big secret here – I am a huge mark for practical makeup effects. On top of that, make it a werewolf flick – shit, I am all over that. Allow me to introduce you to THE BEAST COMES AT MIDNIGHT. An interesting little piece of independent cinema that just dropped a trailer and – […]

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Overlook Film Festival Brings a Full Slate of Monsters, Mysteries, and Murderers to New Orleans

The Overlook Film Festival brings another hair-raising selection of horror and horror-adjacent features and shorts to New Orleans next month. Whether you prefer creature features, slasher cinema, or dark humor, the fest has something for all manner of fright-fare aficionados. Following is the official press announcement. The Overlook Film Festival is proud to announce its […]

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The Chattanooga Film Festival Announces the First Wave of Its Virtual Lineup

The Chattanooga Film Festival (CFF) always delivers an incredible selection of chillers, thrillers, the funny, and the outrageous, and this year’s edition — once again virtual — certainly keeps that tradition alive. The fest has announced its first wave of films, and from the frightening (such as The Ones You Didn’t Burn) to the freaky […]

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And Just Like That – I’m 10 Years Old Again – The Trailer For SHIN ULTRAMAN Will Take You Back To The Good Ole Days

Back in about 1971, I would rush home from school – and I had to time it perfectly – miss the bus, and I was screwed, take too long to walk up the street – I was going to miss it but, most times I timed it perfectly and made it home from school in […]

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SLASH ½ Film Festival Once Again Paints Vienna’s Filmcasino Red

SLASH, Austria’s premiere festival for fantastic film, has just announced the first wave of feature titles for its annual SLASH ½ edition from May 5–7, 2022, at Vienna’s Filmcasino. Check out the superb options so far! Following is the official press announcement. This year’s SLASH ½ features films once again showcasing the dazzling range fantastic […]

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[Review] The Man from Boggy Creek [MidWest WeirdFest]: Short-Film Documentary Pays Tribute to Independent Filmmaker Charles B. Pierce

In their documentary short The Man from Boggy Creek, cowriters/codirectors Paul Glover and Scott McKinnon pay tribute to maverick independent filmmaker Charles B. Pierce, whose movies The Legend of Boggy Creek and The Town That Dreaded Sundown are favorites of many a fright-fare fan.  The Legend of Boggy Creek was a huge influence on such […]

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Panic Fest Celebrates 10 Years with Joe Bob Briggs, Mick Garris, and 80+ Fright-Fare Films

Kansas City’s renowned Panic Fest returns to the big screen this year from April 28-May 8, with a virtual version on tap, as well. Helping to celebrate the festival’s 10th year will be in-person appearances by The Last Drive-In‘s Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl, as well as Sleepwalkers director Mick Garris — […]

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Brazil’s Fantaspoa Heads Back to the Big Screens for Its 2022 Edition

Brazil’s highly acclaimed genre film festival Fantaspoa makes its triumphant return to cinemas  from April 15–May 1after two years of online editions. With plenty of fear fare on tap, ranging from F. W. Murnau’s 1922 classic silent vampire film NOSFERATU: A SYMPHONY OF HORROR to the new French horror comedy SOME LIKE IT RARE, with […]