[Interview] Director Joe Lynch – Mayhem (2017)

Christopher G. Moore recently sat down with director (and fellow podcaster) Joe Lynch to talk about his film Mayhem (2017). You can choose to listen to the audio or read the entire interview. Mayhem is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra High-Definition 4K/Blu-ray Combo on December 26, 2017. IN THEATERS AND AVAILABLE ON VOD AND DIGITAL HD: November 10, 2017. Christopher G. Moore: I’m here with director extraordinaire, Joe Lynch. You might know him from things […]

Dwayne Johnson Takes On Some Giant Creatures In The Trailer Debut For ‘Rampage’

Based on the popular video game, the upcoming action thriller Rampage reunites Dwayne Johnson with the director of one of his hit films from a few years back San Andreas but this time instead of fighting Mother Nature – Johnson takes on mutated beasties. The trailer lays it all out so – have a look. Well damn – that does look like a bunch of fun! April 20th is when we can expect to partake […]

Don’t Make A Sound – But Watch The Trailer For ‘A Quiet Place’

The trailer dropped for the upcoming Paramount Pictures “don’t say a word” thriller A Quiet Place and to say that it’s intriging would be an understatement.  Written, directed and starring  John Krasinski  – this one is slated for an April 6th, 2018 theatrical roll out.  I dare you to watch this trailer and not be curious. Bearing the creepy tag line – “If they can’t hear you, they can’t hunt you.” this one just went […]

Scream Factory Giving ‘Hell Night’ The Collector’s Edition Treatment

No better thing in the world then a Scream Factory Collector’s Edition release and when it’s for a VHS classic from back in the day – hey – all the better.  This time around it’s the 1981 Linda Blair vehicle Hell Night.  Here are all the details! One dark night 12 years ago, madman Raymond Garth butchered his wife and children in their mansion before killing himself. Legend has it that one child survived the […]

Universal’s Dark Universe May Have Just Become A Black Hole

If you are familiar at all with my rantings and ravings as it pertains to Universal Studios bringing back their classic horror franchise as a balls out series of action films – then you should have no issue believing that this horror fan right here is happy as a pig in shit.  Yeah!  It looks like this horrible, horrible idea may in fact be dead and good riddens as far as I’m concerned. Of course […]

Choose An Upcoming Decades of Horror 1990s And Beyond – Patreon Exclusives

Did you ever want to have a say in what the Grue Crew watches for a Decades of Horror podcast? Well, now is your chance. We are letting our Patreon subscribers pick the next film for Decades of Horror: The 1990s and Beyond. Those who contribute as little as $1 a month can pick from the options available below at our Patreon Page. Let us know which classic (or not-so-classic) film from our rebellious, curious and underrated modern […]

Some New Key Art And Stills Prep You For ‘Day Of The Dead: Bloodline’

Day Of The Dead: Bloodline is being touted as “a bold reimagining of the George Romero classic” and if they managed to deliver on thier promise is yet to be seen but – thanks to Bloody Disgusting we do now have a look at some of the zombie fun via some stills.  Also got a look at the key art being passed around to hype the Jan. 5th release. Ready for a look see? Sophie […]

Grab Yourself A Dozen Liquor Donuts And Settle In For The Latest Trailer For ‘Another Wolf Cop’

Wolf Cop is on the beat once – or about to be at least.  The upcoming Dec. 1st rollout of Another Wolfcop is soon upon us and what better way to shake up the fan base than a nice new, bloody, violent trailer. See – wasn’t that fun? Here’s your synopsis for Wolfcop’s romp this time around “a year has passed since the dark eclipse transformed hard-drinking Officer Lou Garou into the infamous lycanthrope crime-fighter. […]

[Contest] Teen Wolf Swag Bag Giveaway from Comet TV

Horror Fans and Sci-Fi Geek unite in November on COMET TV with the addition of the Teen Wolf, Superbeast, The Incredible Melting Man, and more. To celebrate, COMET TV is teaming up with Horror News Radio and Gruesome Magazine to giveaway a COMET TV Teen Wolf Swag Bag Giveaway.  Comet TV is available on many HD antennas, Cable Companies, Roku, and online at CometTv.com. Check out the goodies below and enter today to take home […]

The Team Behind Night of Something Strange Announce Johnny Z – a Winning Blend of Land of the Dead and The Raid

As you know from the podcasts, reviews, and magazine articles, the Grue-Crew are big fans of Jonathan Straiton and his feature film Night of Something Strange. Currently, the maverick director is developing his follow up feature Johnny Z and he needs our help to get it done. The team behind NOSS have an Indiegogo campaign roaring currently seeking to finance this action packed zombie picture. C’mon, they had us at Land of the Dead meets […]

Director Todd Sheets Goes Practical And Brings Werewolves To ‘Bonehill Road’

Indie horror legend – Todd Sheets – and yes, he deserves that legend moniker.  Any director that can manage to fund, film and release 25 films in about 30 years is a legend and Mr. Sheets manages to do just that with the upcoming release of Bonehill Road – an old school werewolf flick done entirely with practical effects. Horror purists rejoice!  Todd also got a scream queen from the hey day of horror – […]

A New Generation Of Horrors Is Coming As Jordan Peele Plans To Reboot ‘The Twilight Zone’

Director Jordan Peele certainly left his mark on the genre when he brought the world Get Out – and it’s sounding like his next endevour will continue to build on that reputation.  The Hollywood Reporter has gotten word that the director – via his Monkeypaw production label will be producing a remake of the classic horror franchise The Twilight Zone for CBS.  This will be for their streaming service  CBS All Access – the same […]

New Shudder Series ‘The Core’ Dissects The Genre And Has A Great Time Doing It

You have the Shudder streaming service yet?  They just added a slew of classic Universal horror films right before the Halloween holiday – worth the $5 just for that alone but….they have more – Oh, so much more. They just announced a new original show – titled THE CORE – which is slated for weekly release starting Nov 16th.  They’ve actually got a Halloween special of the show posted now and  – it’s pretty damn […]

Howl At The Moon! – Silver Bullet Coming To Region Free Blu-ray

Fans of Stephen King adaptations have been asking for this one for a while – 1985’s “werewolf terrorizes small town” howl fest Silver Bullet is making it’s long overdue Blu-ray debut.  Here’s the rub though – it’s coming from Australian home video company Umbrella Entertainment but, but – it will be a region free release. So, it should be somewhat achieveable for us here in the states to get our hands on one. And judging […]

Pick The Streaming Movie or Show for HNR Patreon Exclusive – Patreon Exclusives

There’s so much streaming content out there. It’s hard to pin down what to watch with all the money we spend on Netflix, Amazon or Shudder. Well, we are excited to announce that, starting this month, we are going to devote a new podcast towards covering something horror related for various streaming platforms. Each month, members of the Grue Crew will record a special HNR: Patreon Exclusive podcast, and Patrons wills be able to vote! Patrons […]