[Review] Camino (GenreBlast, 2017) – by Paul Cardullo

While GenreBlast is not strictly a horror film festival, it certainly features its share of horror fare along with many sci-fi epics, zany action films, and off the wall comedies. Paul Cardullo steps up to review one of the more comedic entries at the 2017 GenreBlast Film Festival – and his favorite of the weekend – Camino (2017). The film features a pair of Texan teens who drive around in an El Camino and like to […]

[Review] Still/Born (Popcorn Frights, 2017) – by Joseph Perry

Popcorn Frights Film Festival featured the Florida premiere of postpartum-themed chiller Still/Born on August 16, and Gruesome Magazine’s Joseph Perry checks in with his thoughts on the film. Director/co-writer Brandon Christensen‘s psychological horror film stars Christie Burke as Mary, a new mother, and Jesse Moss as her husband Jack. The couple is the proud parents of a boy, but the baby’s twin was stillborn. Mary becomes suspicious that the non-surviving baby is making its presence […]

[Review] The Green Slime (RetroFantasma, 1968) – by Paul Cardullo

Paul Cardullo returns with another Groovy Gory Gruesome Gold entry that should not be missed. Doc Rotten and Paul Cardullo ventured to the RetroFantasma event recently at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, North Caroline to catch a Sci-Fi classic double feature, the epic Forbidden Planet (1956) and the film Paul reviews here and now, The Green Slime (1968). Paul shares his views on the ups and downs of this z-grade classic that should not be […]

[Review] The Bride (Popcorn Frights, 2017) – by Joseph Perry

The Russian supernatural horror film The Bride (Nevesta, 2017) had its North American premiere at Popcorn Frights Film Festival in Miami, Florida on August 17, and Gruesome Magazine’s Joseph Perry has one of the first English language reviews for the movie. Victoria Agalakova stars as Nastya, a young woman who rushes into marriage, only to find that her in-laws harbor a country house filled with dark, deadly secrets. Joseph gives his thoughts on what this […]

“Redwood” (FrightFest, 2017): Couple Encounters Vampiric Forest Dwellers in UK Creature Feature

Like many a horror movie character before them, the young couple at the forefront of UK production Redwood does exactly what they are warned not to, going off the main trail during a camping trip in the forest. Naturally, they stumble onto a deadly situation. What makes writer/director Tom Paton’s (Pandorica, 2016) eerie film different than similar “creature in the woods” genre offerings is the reason for the trip, as well as the monstrosities that […]

[Review] The Heretics (BiFan, 2017) – by Joseph Perry

Joseph Perry reports from BiFan (Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival) about the latest Chad (Bite) Archibald horror film, The Heretics. Featuring Nina Kiri, Jorja Candence, and Ry Barrett, the film features a cult that returns from the dead to terrorize a young girl who once escaped their grasp. Joseph chimes in on the direction, the acting, and the horrific terror that lies within. Check out his review below. The Heretics d. Chad Archibald w/ Jayme […]

“It Began Without Warning” (Fantasia, 2017): Scary Kids and Creepy Creatures Run Amok in Brazen, Breakneck-Paced Short  

Approximately five minutes’ worth of the bloodiest, creepiest horror you’re bound to see this year await you in the short film It Began Without Warning. This real-time shocker opens with what looks to be the murder of a wife by her husband with their child in danger, and then takes viewers in a whole other direction. The second short for the writing/directing team of Jessica Curtright and Santiago C. Tapia after their 2013 effort Territorial […]

“Girl #2” (Fantasia, 2017): The Slasher Isn’t the Most Dangerous Character in This Excellent Horror-Comedy Short

When, in classic slasher movie fashion, a maniac runs rampant through a sorority house bludgeoning its residents to death, viewers might think that things couldn’t get worse for the protagonists. They would be wrong, though, in the case of director David Jeffery’s incredible short film Girl #2. The short opens with Jenn (Katy Yoder) coming out of her hiding place and surveying the carnage that has taken place so far. She finds another surviving sorority […]

[Review] Better Watch Out (Bifan / Popcorn Frights, 2017) – by Joseph Perry

Joseph Perry shares his thoughts on a film he caught at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival called Better Watch Out (2017). The film will also screen at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival. It also took the “gold prize” for “Best North American, South American, or European Feature Film” at the 2017 Fantasia International Film Festival. Better Watch Out is from director Chris Peckover and features Levi Miller, Olivia DeJonge, Virginia Madsen, Ed Oxenbould, and Patrick Warburton. […]

[Review] Dead Man Tells His Own Tale (Fantasia, 2017) – by Doc Rotten

Paul Cardullo welcomes back Doc Rotten to discuss another feature from the recent Fantasia Internation Film Festival. This time it is the Argentina film Dead Man Tells His Own Tale (2017, “El Muerto Cuenta su Historia“). The film is from director Fabian Forte from a script he co-wrote with Nicolas Britos. The cast includes Diego Gentile, Mariana Anghileri, Emila Attias, and Damian Dreizik. The story follows Angel who is murdered by a group of blood-sucking […]

[Review] Super Dark Times (Popcorn Frights, 2017) – by Joseph Perry

Joseph Perry shares his thoughts about the coming of age thriller Super Dark Times (2017) which played at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival. The film is directed by Kevin Phillips and written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski. The cast includes Owen Campbell, Charlie Tahan, and Elizabeth Cappuccino. Joseph champions the direction, the acting, and the thrilling, tight script. Listen below to check out his review. Super Dark Times (2017) Synopsis: Teenagers Zach and Josh […]

[Review] Le Manoir (Fantasia, 2017) – by Paul Cardullo

Paul Cardullo talks to Doc Rotten about the French horror-comedy from the Fantasia International Film Festival called The Mansion (Le Manior, 2017). The film is directed by Tony T. Datis and features Marc Jarousseau, Nathalie Odzierejko, and Ludovik Day. Paul discusses the pacing and humor of the film explaining how the film grows on you as the humor – which is often lost in translation – improves during its bloody third act. Check out the […]

“For a Good Time, Call . . .” (Fantasia 2017): Sexual Power Play Leads to Petrifying Retribution

In her latest horror short For a Good Time, Call . . ., director Izzy Lee tackles the topic of posting Internet sex tapes without the willing consent of both victims. The victim in this case makes a wish that results in a terrifying situation for the perpetrator and a nifty slice of scare fare for viewers. Alex (Sean Carmichael) sets up a hidden camera in the bedroom, unbeknownst to Alice (frequent Lee collaborator Diana […]

The Night Watchmen

“The Night Watchmen” (Fantasia 2017): Sophomoric Horror Comedy Squanders Interesting Set-up

There is nothing wrong with a good sophomoric horror comedy. The problem is, while The Night Watchmen (Fantasia 2017) is a sophomoric horror comedy, it is not particularly good. Just as the night watchmen are starting their shift at the local paper, the dead body of a clown is accidentally delivered to their loading dock. It soon becomes apparent that the clown is not “dead” but “undead.” He is a vampire and now the motley […]

“Dead Shack” (Fantasia 2017): Nothing Brings Together a Family Like Blood, Grue, & Zombies

Just because a family is dysfunctional does not mean that its members do not care for each other. In Dead Shack (Fantasia 2017), 14-year-old Jason (Matthew Nelson-Mahood) joins his friend Collin’s (Gabriel LaBelle) family for a vacation at an isolated cabin. On the plus side, Colln’s older sister Summer (Lizzie Boys) is along for the trip, though she does barely tolerate Jason. On the negative side, the adults — Collin and Summer’s father Roger (Donavon […]