[Review] Thrill Ride (2017): A Lighthearted, Fun Treat For Young Horror Fans – by Vanessa

Director Chris Parrish – along with co-writer Mason Parrish – delivers a lighthearted, fun monster-filled romp as a group of kids encounters all kinds of terrors as they explore an amusement park in search of Al Capone’s legendary hidden treasure in Thrill Ride (2017). The film has a Goonies and Monster Squad vibe in the best way possible. The film features an evil mermaid, bloodthirsty pirates, fire-breathing dragons, and an army of growling toothsome teddy […]

[Review] Bedeviled (2017): Misses the Opportunity to Enjoy Its Own Campiness – by Vanessa

Modern horror likes to chase current fears and with Bedeviled (2017) that remains the case. In this feature from the writing-directing team of Abel Vang and Burlee Vang, the fear is the app on your mobile device, the little bit of software gleefully downloaded into your private world and space. Yes, it’s a horror film so this app, Mr. Bedeviled, is downloaded to kill you, playing on your fears. The direction is strong with beautiful […]

[Review] Blood Harvest (2017): A Beautiful, Silly Mess – by Vanessa

While the IMDb suggests that Blood Harvest (2017) is “Onus meets the Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” the film is something else entirely. It is a beautiful, silly, little film – lush, green, and vibrant with its Irish countryside locations. However, the film is full of alien vampires who have committed 36 murders that the local police are keeping hidden. Thankfully for horror fans, the killers provide the film with plenty of blood and gore. Blood Harvest […]

[Review] Never Leave Alive (2017): Levity Kills Suspense In This Most Dangerous Game – by Vanessa

Vanessa straps in to tackle an action thriller from director Steven LaMorte called Never Leave Alive (2017). The film expands on the “most dangerous game” themes where characters Rick (John Hennigan) and Anna (Michelle Taylor) find themselves being hunted by the villainous Zaroff (Eric Eterbari). Vanessa shares the humor in the script from J. Amanda Sabater tends to undermine the suspense from the action but that Hennigan delivers and that Eterbari is a gem. Never Leave […]

[Review] The Elf (2017): The Holiday Gift That Goes Better Unopened – by Vanessa

Vanessa returns to review the holiday cheer fear flick, The Elf (2017) from writer-director Justin Price. You’d think this would be a slamming good time ala Leprechaun or Krampus or similarly crafted horror films. But, sadly, Vanessa shares this is not so. The effects are all over the place. The story is confusing and has Vanessa stumped, “You don’t know what you’re going to get.” Check out Vanessa’s entertaining review below. The Elf (2017)   […]

[Review] Live-Evil (2017) – by Vanessa

Vanessa returns with another killer review of a supernatural horror film. This time it is Live-Evil (2017) from director Ari Kirschenbaum. The film features Charlene Amoia, Vladimir Kulich, and Tony Todd. Vanessa praises the film’s spirit, tone, and artistry. She dives into the demons and the dead, mentioning Eddie from Iron Maiden along the way. Listen to the review below to discover why the film and its murder-mystery vibe connects with Vanessa so strongly. Live-Evil […]

[Review] Demons (2017) – by Vanessa

Vanessa returns to review another supernatural feature. This week it is Demons (2017) from director Miles Doleac. Along with Doleac, the film stars Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster), John Schneider (‘’Smallville’’), Lindsay Anne Willams (The Hollow), Steven Brand (Hellraiser : Revelations), Kristina Emerson (“NCIS : New Orleans”), and Gary Grubbs (Free State of Jones). Vanessa digs the look and tone of the cinematography and the overall approach of the film’s story but she finds it is missing something […]

[Review] Ghost Witch (2017) – by Vanessa

Vanessa returns with another supernatural review of the Joseph Lavender’s Ghost Witch (2017). The film features Mandi Christine Kerr and Gregory French in starring roles. Vanessa praises the film for his earnest charm and spirit but struggles with its misleading title and lack of a ghost that the title and post promise. She suggests it may have been better to leave the film under its original title The Legend of the Seven Toe Maggie. Regardless, it has some […]

[Review] Demon Hunter (2017) – by Vanessa

The vampy vixen Vanessa returns with another wacky review. Up this episode is the supernatural superhero epic Demon Hunter (2017). Niamh Hogan, Alan Talbot, Kevin O’Malley, Nic Furlong, Sarah Tapes Jenkinson, and Margarita Grillis star in writer-director Zoe Kavanagh’s latest feature. Vanessa gives us a rundown of the plot, her opinion of the film, her score, and her favorite scene. Could this be the supernatural heroic adventure we’ve all been waiting for…? Demon Hunter (2017) DEMON HUNTER VOD – […]

[Review] Clowntergeist (2017) – by Vanessa Thompson

Vanessa Thompson joins the Grue-Crew to review the Aaron Mirtes film Clowntergeist from High Octane Pictures. In the film, a demonic clown terrorizes a pair of far-from-helpless teens and mayhem ensues. Thom Seidman, Burt Culver, and Brittany Belland star. Check out Vanessa’s review below and let us know what you think. Clowntergeist Poltergeist meets IT in Clowntergeist, premiering on VOD September 12 from High Octane Pictures! Emma, a college student with a crippling fear of clowns, […]