[Review] Demon Hunter (2017) – by Vanessa

The vampy vixen Vanessa returns with another wacky review. Up this episode is the supernatural superhero epic Demon Hunter (2017). Niamh Hogan, Alan Talbot, Kevin O’Malley, Nic Furlong, Sarah Tapes Jenkinson, and Margarita Grillis star in writer-director Zoe Kavanagh’s latest feature. Vanessa gives us a rundown of the plot, her opinion of the film, her score, and her favorite scene. Could this be the supernatural heroic adventure we’ve all been waiting for…? Demon Hunter (2017) DEMON HUNTER VOD – […]

[Review] Clowntergeist (2017) – by Vanessa Thompson

Vanessa Thompson joins the Grue-Crew to review the Aaron Mirtes film Clowntergeist from High Octane Pictures. In the film, a demonic clown terrorizes a pair of far-from-helpless teens and mayhem ensues. Thom Seidman, Burt Culver, and Brittany Belland star. Check out Vanessa’s review below and let us know what you think. Clowntergeist Poltergeist meets IT in Clowntergeist, premiering on VOD September 12 from High Octane Pictures! Emma, a college student with a crippling fear of clowns, […]