“The Stuff” (1985): There Is More To This Stuff Than a B-Movie Title

Well, holy shit, did this movie surprise me. With a title like The Stuff, I was expecting, hoping, for a cult classic B-Movie horror film with some kind of Blob-type monster. What I got was a film that is filled with a cast that play off each other in a very organic and natural way, and a pretty solid story that focuses more on why and how things are happening rather than on the actual creature […]

“The Black Tape” (2016): A Flawed But Fascinating Found Footage Feature

  Whoa. Talk about a movie that had me back and forth on whether I thought it was good or not. Truly, The Black Tape, written and directed by Ramone Menon, is a movie that appears to be illogical, but then goes back and covers the holes in its logic, mostly in clever ways. I say “mostly”, because there are still a few parts of this movie that work out a little too conveniently for […]

“Decay” (2016): A Norman Bates for the New World

To say Jonathan has some mental issues is an understatement. Now, the real question is if Jonathan was born with these issues or if they were brought on by the surroundings and circumstances they grew up in along with the lack of any other interaction outside of their intimate home environment. Decay does a wonderful job in asking the question of how mental illness really begins. Is it genetic or can it also be induced by […]

“Blood Rush” (2016): You’ll Flip For This Solid, Tense Thriller

You know that game you played as a kid, on the school playground where you see how long you can hang upside from the jungle gym. You think you were pretty tough for being able to last a couple minutes or more doing that? WELL YOU AREN’T JACK SHIT! Because in Blood Rush (A.K.A. Flipped), directed by Harris Demel and written by Rob Greenberg and Demel, we follow the harrowing experiences of super model Nicole Diamond (Stella […]

“All Hell Breaks Loose” (2016): Embraces All The Flaws

In the exploitation film, All Hell Breaks Loose from director Jeremy Garner, a biker gang, Satan’s Sinners, escape from their torment in Hell to roam the earth, taint innocent virgins and recruit some bitches for the devil, exploitation style! Also, they ambush a newlywed couple and murder the groom and kidnap his bride to slut up for the devil. God or some guy in a white outfit decides to get involved, resurrects the groom so he […]

“A Haunting in Cawdor” (2015): An Interesting Concept and Solid Leads Give This Ghost Tale Its Edge

The last time I saw Cary Elwes in anything was Saw. Maybe he has been in other projects, but, at the moment, I can’t recall any. I guess after Cutthroat Island opportunities started drying up a bit. Anyway, in A Haunting in Cawdor, we see Elwes (lacking that authentic British accent by the way) portraying a man named Lawrence O’Neil who runs a rehabilitation acting theater out of a barn. O’Neil has set up a […]

“Silent Retreat” (2016): By-The-Numbers Horror Flick That Struggles to Chart New Ground

In the middle of nowhere, a group of co-workers are treated to a company retreat for a job well done where they are promised motivational pep talks. As it turns out their retreat used to be a former loony bin whose caretakers used to abuse the residents. Also, a member of the work group has a dark secret and people start dropping faster than a $3 whore on discount Fridays. If Silent Retreat sounds like an […]

“Live-Evil” (2015): Hell of a Story, Confusing as Hell

You know what is more disjointed and contorted than a freak show contortionist at a circus? Live-Evil, this movie, that’s what. I honestly believe writer/director Ari Kirschenbaum has a hell of a story going on…in his own mind. Unfortunately, he never effectively conveyed this story from his mind/paper to film. I liken Live-Evil to some board games I have played in my time. The creators of the game of course know how their creation is […]

“Scarred” (2015): Jonah Kandie Pays Homage to 80’s Slasher Films

Titties, bimbos and homicidal maniacs, the staples of the 80’s slasher. Hell, they are the staples of most horror movies in general. In Scarred, however, it is obvious the film makers are trying to be a throwback homage film to the 80’s slasher – namely. Friday the 13th. They even bring in Ari Lehman, the guy who played boy Jason in the first F13th film, in a country bumpkin bit part. I’m all for some old school […]

“Winners Tape All: The Henderson Brothers Story” (2015): A Damn Funny Mockumentary Celebrating the VHS Video Store Heyday

You know what I consider talent? Taking something that is normally considered subpar or poor and using those perceived disadvantages while maximizing their full potential to actually turn them into positives. This is exactly what writers Justin Channell (also the director), Zane Crosby and Josh Lively do in their film Winners Tape All: The Henderson Brothers Story. Everything about this movie/mocumentary should be bad but the film is far from it. In fact, it is pretty damn entertaining and charming. […]

“Tales of Poe” (2015): Contemporary Retelling of Classic Poe Tales

I have always been a fan of Edgar Allan Poe though not a die-hard fan, only a casual one. I do have a collection of his works but have not read all of them as his writing style at times were a little hard to read. Personally, I always preferred his spiritual successor H.P. Lovecraft but really love the classic Poe tales like “The Tell Tale-Heart”, “The Mask of Red Death” and the fantastic, chilling and claustrophobic […]

“Murder in the Dark” (2013): Improvised Dialog and Splendid Locales Make for a Unique Horror Experiment

What Hostel did to the perceptions of backpackers traveling to Europe to stay in hostels, Murder in the Dark will do to the perceptions of tourists traveling alone to abandoned castles in European countrysides. As I watched Murder in the Dark I was in awe of the beautiful landscape and the magnificent castle most of the film was shot in. I was also left thinking, “Why the hell are these people here alone in such a […]

“The Inhabitants” (2015): A Slow, But Engaging Ghost Story

In the latest film from Michael and Shawn Rasmussen,  The Inhabitants, a happily married couple Dan (Michael Reed) and Jessica (Elise Couture) make good on their aspirations of owning a nice, quaint bed and breakfast in a dozy New England community. They find themselves such a place up for sale, purchase it from the now widowed, mentally checked-out previous owner and begin their illustrious careers as B&B owners with a reality show starring Gordon Ramsey. Actually, […]

“Headless” (2015): Bathed in Blood Soaked Exploitation

Whoa, man! If 70’s exploitation, gore-styled films are your thing then Headless is going to going to deliver what you grave in blood-soaked spades. I have always loved those grind-house films from the 70’s and 80’s that some directors are trying to recapture now with Deathproof, Machete and Planet Terror as prime examples. So, when I fired this baby up and saw the super cheesy trailer for Wolf-Baby, I was really excited to see what the main film offered. […]

“The Horror Network” (2015): Hit And Miss with Striking Visuals

Horror anthologies have been making a bit of a comeback here in the past several years. Though still not an every year tradition in film making, it is good to see they have not went the way of the dinosaur either. So I was excited when I got to view The Horror Network Vol. 1 which features five separate tales of horror from four writers/directors. Eager to see what the new generation of horror filmmakers […]