[Review] Alien: Reign of Man (2017) – by The Black Saint

The Black Saint chimes in with his review of the sci-fi horror thriller Alien: Reign of Man (2017). The film is by writer/director Justin Price. The cast includes Khu, Torrei Hart, and Deanna Grace Congo. And you can count on The Black Saint to not let anything slip by him – hold onto your hats, this is going to be a bumpy ride. Listen below to see if this release can cut the mustard. Alien: Reign […]

“Central Park” (2017): A Messy Night In NYC

As someone who’s lived in NYC for his entire life, I find myself especially excited for films that take place in, and are shot in my fair city. Bonus points if the films in question are genre films. Writer/Director Justin Reinsilber gets those extra points for setting his directorial debut in the greatest park in the world, Central Park. It’s a solid debut to boot, but we’ll get to that in a bit… Six good […]

Interview: Steven Shainberg (Rupture)

Writer/Director Steven Shainberg is probably best known for his 2002 release Secretary, in which Maggie Gyllenhaal takes a new job as a secretary, only to see her working relationship with her boss, James Spader, devolve into a sexual/sadomasochistic one. He’s also directed the critically acclaimed Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus in 2006. His latest film, Rupture, opens in select theaters this Friday, April 28th, and it stars the always fascinating Noomi Rapace as […]

“The Devil’s Candy” (2017): Sweet and Scary

Way back in 1973, I was forced to sit through what I still believe to be the scariest film ever produced – The Exorcist. Because of that little ditty, I still have an aversion to films that feature satanic themes. If the plot of a film features someone being possessed by a demonic force, or by Satan himself for that matter, then you won’t find me too eager to watch it. But watching films is […]

“The Dark Below”: Kinda Dull Down There too…

The idea of a feature film without any dialog isn’t a new one. It’s been attempted a few times before, with films like The Last Battle (1983), and AKP: Job 27 (2012). Even Mel Brooks gave it a shot with Silent Movie (1976). Director Douglas Schultze is the latest filmmaker to go virtually dialog free with The Dark Below, and while the idea he presents has merit, the manner in which he tells his story […]

Interview: James Remar (The Blackcoat’s Daughter)

James Remar made a big impression in 1979 with the second film he appeared in, The Warriors, and he’s never looked back. He’s appeared in dozens of films like The Long Riders (1980), 48 Hours (1982), Band Of The Hand (1986), Tales From The Darkside: The Movie (1990), The Phantom (1996) and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997). He’s also appeared in various television shows like Walker: Texas Ranger, Nash Bridges, 7th Heaven, The X Files, Sex […]

“A Cure For Wellness” (2017): Works Great For Insomnia Too…

  One of the things I truly hate about film trailers is the tendency to label the director “Visionary”. The trailers for A Cure For Wellness start off with the sentence “From Visionary Director Gore Verbinski”. Mr. Verbinski has directed some fine films indeed, but it seems that for every great film he’s made, he’s made a stinker right afterwards. Sure he directed the first Pirates Of The Caribbean film, but note that he also […]

“We Are The Flesh” (2017): And I Am Confused…

  Mexican film makers are on a roll as of late. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Alfonso Cuaron, & Guillermo Del Toro are among the most popular (& successful) film directors in the business right now. But Mexico and its history of genre film makers goes way way back. The first true horror film from Mexico was released in 1934 (El Fantasmo Del Convento. Dir: Juan Bustillo Oro). Fernando Mendez (El Vampiro/1957), Chano Urueta (El Baron Del […]

“Death Race 2050” (2017): All Out Of Gas.

  Way back in 1975, Roger Corman produced a film that has become more and more prescient as the years moved forward. Called Death Race 2000 (Directed by Paul Bartel), it told the story of a race between a group of over the top, garish characters that drove modified cars across the country. Their goal was to score more points than the other contestants. The only way to score points was to run down as […]

“Pitchfork” (2017): New Slasher! Same Old Unimaginative Story…

I was talking to a friend of mine a few weeks ago, and the topic was slasher films. We were lamenting the fact that we couldn’t think of any new ideas to bring to the slasher film. Think about it, all of the major holidays have been snapped up for a slasher flick already (most of the minor holidays as well). And even without a major holiday to build a slasher around, just about every […]

The Black Saint’s Top Ten Horror Films Of 2016

As 2016 draws to its inevitable close, it’s time for me to look back on the (literally) hundreds of movies I’ve seen this year and decide which ten were my absolute favorites. A heady task, I know – but someone who calls himself “The Black Saint” has gotta do it. And since I’m the only person around here in the depths of Gruesome Manor that answers to that name, I guess that task falls to […]

Interview: Dayton Callie (Abattoir)

  Actor/Writer Dayton Callie is probably best known for his work on cable series such as Sons Of Anarchy and Deadwood. But he’s appeared in dozens of television shows over the years, and his voice might be familiar to you if you’re a gamer as he’s voiced video game characters in games like Left For Dead 2 among others. He can currently be seen on television on Fear The Walking Dead (Season 2, Episode 14: […]

The Black Saint’s Ten Worst Horror Films Of 2016

2016 was something of a banner year for horror films in terms of box office, if not critical, success. Films like The Boy, Annabelle, and The Forest didn’t exactly wow the critics, but they made nifty profits for their respective studios. Other films, which were both critical and box office triumphs also flourished in 2016. Don’t Breathe, Lights Out, and The Conjuring 2 were very sizable hits and kept audiences glued to their seats. But […]

“SiREN” (2016): Sexy, Sensual, and Eventually Dull.

  2012 saw the release of a horror anthology called V/H/S, and it led off with a segment called “Amateur Night”. In it, a group of drunks are in search of some sleazy sex and think they’ve hit pay dirt with a peculiar looking woman they’ve picked up. Of course, things don’t go too well for them because the woman they’ve selected is actually a winged harpy – a very hungry winged harpy. Although it wasn’t […]