[Review] Lou Simon’s 3 (2017) – by Rafe Telsch

The selection at the 2017 edition of the New York City Horror Film Festival was spectacular. Opening the Halloween weekend event is the psychological horror thriller 3 (2017) from director Lou Simon. Rafe Telsch steps in to provide his take on this little gem praising the film as a model of what other independent filmmakers should follow and give high marks for actor Mike Stanley. And, yes, Rafe does explain the meaning of the film’s […]

[Review] Jigsaw (2017) – by Rafe Telsch

John Kramer returns – as does the Saw series – with Jigsaw (2017) from the Spierig Brothers (Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig), the directors behind Undead, Daybreakers, Predestination, and the upcoming Winchester: The House That Ghosts Builts. Tobin Bell returns in the title role while his costars Matt Passmore, Callum Keith Rennie, Hannah Emily Anderson, Cle Bennet, Laura Vandervoort, and Paul Braunstein attempt to survive the night. Rafe Telsch steps up to tackle the latest […]

[Review] The13th Friday (2017) – by Rafe Telsch

Rafe returns to review another indie horror film haunting your VOD and DVD outlets. Arriving from Uncork’d Entertainment and director Justin Price is the supernatural offering The 13th Friday (2017). Struggling to decipher the true intention of the film’s narrative, Rafe points out some technical issues with the film while appreciating the effort and intentions of the filmmakers, especially pointing out a call out with the final credits. Yet, the film fails to impress Rafe […]

[Review] Mother! (2017) – by Rafe Telsch

The Grue-Crew welcomes Rafe Telsch to the fold to review Darren Aronofsky’s latest cinematic wonder Mother! (2017). The film stars Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, and Michelle Pfieffer. Rafe confirms that if you are an Aronofsky fan, you will want to see Mother!; however, he warns the film goes a bit insane for its third act. Having just seen it prior to recording his review, Rafe suggests that his rating of the film could […]