Rafe Telsch returns to writing about the entertainment world after a four year hiatus. Previously, Rafe wrote for CinemaBlend and his own site, WidescreenWarrior, as well as hosting and producing the Weekly Blend Audio Show, one of the first independent entertainment podcasts. A child of the '80s, Rafe has had a long time love-affair with horror and is thoroughly enjoying the current trend of homages and influences of '80s genre pictures on the current pool of filmmakers.
Gruesome Reviews

[Review] Dawning of the Dead (2017): A Creatively Titled Zombie Opus with Homages to Cherished Classics – by Rafe Telsch

Out now from Uncork’d Entertainment and filmmakers Tony Jopia, Nika Braun, Yannis Zafeiriou, and Alexander Zwart is the zombie opus – and creatively titled – Dawning of the Dead (2017). […]

Gruesome Reviews

[Review] Daguerrotype (2017): Creepy Cinematography and Good Intentions Cannot Save This Dull Feature – by Rafe Telsch

Coming from the director of Pulse (2001) and Creepy (2016), the drama horror thriller Daguerrotype  (2017) attempts to scare up some chills and goosebumps. Originally titled “Le Secret de la […]