[Review] The Limehouse Golem (2017) – by Kieran Fisher

Foreign correspondent Kieran Fisher steps in to review the Jane Goldman adaptation of “Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem” in Juan Carlos Medina’s horror thriller The Limehouse Golem. The film spares no crimson bloodshed when it comes to displaying the horror of a killer striking London, England. Bill Nighy stars as Inspector Kildare with Olivia Cooke as a troubled witness to the murder. Check out Kieran’s review below. The Limehouse Golem (2017) THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM […]

“Dave Made a Maze” (2017): A Quirky Hybrid Comedy Packed With Laughs and Heart

Dave Made a Maze is the first directorial feature from actor Bill Watterson. Some of you will know his face from his brief appearance in the 2014 chiller Ouija, but it’s his work behind the camera that’s going to get him noticed at this moment in time. That’s not to say that Watterson isn’t capable of going places as an actor. It’s just that his debut is a quirky, offbeat, and inventive little gem that’s […]

“The Devil Lives Here” (2015): Brazilian Folk Horror Fails to Live Up to Its Potential

When it comes to independent genre fare, Artsploitation Films is a company with a great track record.  While not every effort has been a home run, you can at least admire most for striving to be somewhat original, or for at least for shining a light on cinema from countries rarely associated with having a film industry.  Just recently, they unleashed Romania’s first found footage film with the impressive Be My Cat: A Film for […]

“Krampus Unleashed” (2016): The Anti-Santa Returns to Spread Christmas Fear

After spending hundreds of years hidden away in the depths of Austro-Bavarian folklore, the Krampus is now a staple of holiday horror cinema.  Last year, Michael Dougherty’s Krampus brought yuletide terror back to the masses and introduced unacquainted audiences to the mythology behind the European Christmas demon.  To coincide with the release of that movie, other films featuring the Krampus creature followed, bringing seasonal slaughter in his wake.  One of those films was Robert Conway’s […]

“Killjoy’s Psycho Circus” (2016): Demonic Clown Learns What It Means to Be Human

It’s been 16 years since Full Moon Entertainment unleashed their evil clown Killjoy on horror fans, but he didn’t make the best first impression – or second for that matter.  Granted, you never go into a Full Moon movie expecting couscous, but their track record for tasty popcorn has been consistent throughout the years, but, in the beginning, the Killjoy saga wasn’t the tasty dish it could have been, even though its heart was in […]

“The Perfect Husband” (2014): Marital Problems Take an Unexpected Turn in Artsploitation Film’s Latest Release

Artsploitation Films have established themselves as quite the force in independent genre cinema in recent years.  Going into their films, there is always reason to be excited if you’re seeking something unconventional and out of the ordinary.  The experimental, art house trappings of their films certainly aren’t for all cinematic tastes, as there isn’t a single film in their canon that doesn’t aspire to challenge the viewer on some level, whether intellectually or just plain […]

“Contact’’ (2009): A Surreal Hallucinogenic Experience That Leaves Us With Lots to Ponder

Contact is a short film from New York based filmmaker Jeremiah Kipp, and it’s a mind-altering experience if there ever was one.  Opening with a middle aged couple (played by Katherine O’Sullivan and Tom Reid) waiting for a guest to arrive, we are immediately transported to a seedy underbelly in a derelict estate where we see a young couple purchasing drugs.  When they arrive home, they strip naked and wait for the narcotics to take […]

“Lucky Girl’’ (2015): Unflinching Hungarian Horror Short Treads Familiar Ground With Style

Serial killers are a staple of horror cinema, and they always will be.  Like murder itself, films which entail unsuspecting victims being tortured and massacred are timeless as they portray real world fears on screen that aren’t far-fetched at all, as history has proven.  To some horror fans, the notion of more serial killer fare might sound generic; how many times have we seen scary men kill – usually women – people on screen?  Well, […]