“Asylum of Darkness” (2017): An Impenetrable Mess

Asylum of Darkness is writer/director Jay Woelfel‘s 2017 remake of his own 2012 film, Season of Darkness. Having never seen Season of Darkness, I don’t know if this film is a complete remake or if scenes from the original were reused. Both films have the same plot, largely the same cast playing the same roles, and many of the same behind the scenes people doing the same jobs. I may never know the answer, because […]

“VooDoo” (2017): Provides Found Footage From Hell

Writer/director Tom Costabile‘s VooDoo is an interesting film. It starts out as your standard, run-of-the-mill found footage film before turning into the type you would expect to see if it was announced that José Mojica Marins was making a found footage film. I would not have been the least bit fazed or surprised to have seen Coffin Joe standing around in the background overseeing the mayhem during the film’s climax. VooDoo opens with someone who […]

“King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table” (2017): The Asylum Sink To New Low with This Bizarre Mishmash

The Asylum has become a name in the genre that’s synonymous with low-budget, quickly filmed productions typically designed to ride on the publicity around whatever big movie is rolling into theaters in the near future. Anyone familiar with their film and television work knows that they have the ability to create some great guilty pleasure productions, but they, unfortunately, tend to make marginally bland to painfully bad films far more often than they make great guilty […]

“House on Willow Street” (2017): Enjoyable Visceral Scares, But Little Else

I really wanted to like writer/director Alastair Orr‘s latest effort, House on Willow Street (AKA From a House on Willow Street) more than I did. The early trailer offered up some nice visuals, a few good scares, and a nice hook for the story: A group of bad guys kidnap a girl to ransom her to her rich parents, but their luck heads south faster than college students on Spring Break weekend when it turns out there’s […]


The Japanese Zombie Invasion: Three New Zombie Manga Titles That Deliver The Goods

Stateside horror fans have long now been able to find the Japanese take on the zombie via US VHS and DVDs. While there were some attempts that felt like a more serious take on the genre, such as 2000’s Versus, many more of the ones that have made their way to these shores were of a slightly less serious nature. We saw a long line of over-the-top or just plain silly (but in some cases […]

“Bloodrunners” (2017): Much like the Vampire Itself, This Film Sucks

“Set in 1930s prohibition, a corrupt cop discovers that the popular speakeasy in town has been infiltrated by vampires.” That quick description for Bloodrunners at least offers the promise of an interesting vampire flick. It fails to deliver on most of that promise. What it delivers instead is a lackluster story that at times feels like it was cobbled together from a mishmash of short film ideas that were collected and thrown into a blender […]

“Havenhurst” (2017): Don’t Break the Rules, Don’t Get Evicted

Jackie (Julie Benz) is a woman haunted by the loss of her young daughter in director Andrew C. Erin‘s Havenhurst. She’s an alcoholic still struggling with her addiction when she gets drawn into a mystery around the titular large boarding house after a friend she made in rehab, Danielle (Danielle Harris) goes missing while staying there. Jackie moves into Havenhurst, unnervingly being given her friend’s old room. She meets and befriends Sarah (Belle Shouse) as soon as she […]

“Hunting Grounds” (2017): Bigfoot, small expectations

There seems to be something mysterious about cryptids, creatures like Bigfoot and the Yeti, that simultaneously makes them tantalizing subjects for low budget (and occasionally big budget) filmmakers of all stripes and extremely difficult challenges for a successful, rip-roaring good adventure. There are a few shining lights here and there in the genre, produced over the decades, but far more of these films are unwatchable, serving as fodder for a “so bad they’re good” movie night. Writer/director John […]

“Tombs of the Blind Dead” (1972): The Templar Knights Roam The Night in this Underrated Seventies Classic

It was in the month of April, April 10, 1972 to be exact, when writer and director Amando de Ossorio introduced the world to the creation that made him famous. This would of course be the Blind Dead. If you’ve been listening to the Decades of Horror podcast, you heard in the Blind Dead episode the discussion about not only the film but about how many varied – and occasionally butchered – cuts of the four […]