Doc Rotten is the founder of Gruesome Magazine. He is also a film critic for Gruesome Magazine and the podcast host & producer for Horror News Radio, Monster Movie Podcast, Decades of Horror: 1970s, The American Horror Story Fan Podcast and Hannibal Fan Podcast. He is also co-host of the Dracula podcast on TV TALK and is a contributing reviewer for HorrorNews.Net and Widescreen Warrior. Doc a lifelong fan of horror films, sci-fi flicks and monster movies first discovering Universal Monsters and Planet of the Apes as a young child in the 1970's searching out every issue of Famous Monster of Filmland (and, later, Fangoria). Favorite films include Jaws, The Car, The Birds, The Tingler, Vampire Circus and The Exorcist. Still a huge fan of horror films from the 70s, Doc continues consuming horror films to this day for the site, for the podcasts and for the fun of it all.
Decades of Horror 1970s Gruesome Podcasts

[Podcast] The Car (1977) – Episode 27 – Decades of Horror 1970s

“Is it a phantom, a demon, or the Devil himself?” – the tagline for the cult classic, so-bad-it-is-good, Jaws-on-land Seventies horror film The Car (1977) promises something satanic behind the wheel of the custom 971 Lincoln Continental Mark III black coupe. There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no way to stop… The Car. The Black Saint and […]

Gruesome Podcasts Horror News Radio

Eps 142 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Horror News Radio

Award winning director, Christopher G. Moore, joins the Grue-crew to discuss the box-office record breaking film from J.J. Abrams, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Doc and Christopher share their love for the films while Dave, Thomas and the Black Saint are less impressed siting it as being too similar to A New Hope. They still […]

Gruesome Reviews

“The Hateful Eight” (2015): Tarantino Crafts Another Classic Cinematic Gem

“Well, well, well! Looks like Minnie’s Haberdashery’s about to get cozy for the next few days.” – Oswaldo Mobray (Roth) in The Hateful Eight. The much-anticipated eighth film from Quentin Tarantino,  The Hateful Eight, is billed as a Western but it is far more than that. A snow storm of dizzying Tarantino dialog makes even the simplest […]

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She Gets Revenge – Hotel Episode 10 – The American Horror Story Fan Podcast

For the tenth episode of Hotel, She Gets Revenge, the show begins by following Liz and her reaction to an elderly couple who end their lives in their hotel room. Liz declares it “beautiful” before breaking down in front of Iris. She and Iris make a pact while the Countess deals with Natasha, Donovan deals with Rudy […]

Gruesome Podcasts Horror News Radio

[Podcast] Worst Horror Films of 2015 – Dead Body – Episode 141 – Horror News Radio

It is that time of year once again where the Grue-crew take a look back at the past twelve months, beginning with the Worst Horror Films of 2015. The Black Saint, Dave Dreher, Thomas Mariani and Doc Rotten each compile their list of the genre films that left them miffed during this past year. The […]

American Horror Story Fan Podcast Gruesome Podcasts

She Wants Revenge – Hotel Episode 9 – The American Horror Story Fan Podcast

For the ninth episode of Hotel, She Wants Revenge, the show shifts focus back to The Countess and a number of subplots surrounding her character. Fans are also treated to a number of loose ends dropped back into the story: Valentino, Iris’ affliction, Liz’s anger, The Countess’ baby and the vampire children. Oh, my! All this […]

Gruesome Podcasts Horror News Radio

[Podcast] Krampus – Episode 140 – Horror News Radio

December is upon us and winter is whistling down from the north. This years horror fans are treated to a holiday gift from director Michael Dougherty, his yule-time instant classic Krampus. The grue-crew review and rave about the effect heavy monster fest. Dave begins the HORROR NEWS OF THE WEEK segment with news about a few horror […]

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“Indigenous” (2015): Monsters, Mayhem and Mishandled Narrative Make for a Muddled Mess

Director Alastair Orr and writer Max Roberts – who, oddly, does not receive an IMDb credit – weave together a combination of The Ruins (2008) and The Descent (2015) in the vacation-gone-wrong creature feature Indigenous (2015) available now from Momentum Pictures. A group of five friends follow a local guide into the jungles of Panama only […]