[Review] The Follower (2017): A Creative Mix of Found Footage, Video Blogging, And Conventional Film Making – by Doc Rotten

Dancing between found footage, video blogging, and conventional film, The Follower (2017) makes the most out of its concept of a ghost hunting Youtube celebrity, David Baker (Nicolas Shake) encountering a supposed haunting that is far more than he anticipated. The interaction between David and the homeowner Carol (Chloe Dumas) drives much of the first half of the narrative. While the film presents evidence of a haunting, David is convinced that Carol is the problem […]

Choose An Upcoming Decades of Horror 1970s – Patreon Exclusives

We’ve got some classic and, perhaps, not-so-classic films for you to choose from for the next Decades of Horror: The 1970s. There are two different anthology films from noted genre authors (Richard Matheson and Robert Bloch), a couple of low-budget monster flicks, werewolf bikers, and Chuck Connors, himself. Which film shall your intrepid hosts watch and comment upon? Well, if you’re a Gruesome Magazine Patreon patron for as low as $1 a month, you can […]

[Podcast] The Worst Horror Films of 2017 – Better Watch Out – Episode 245 – Horror News Radio

Hope for the best, expect the worst! That’s The Grue Crew’s motto as Horror News Radio dives head first into The Worst Horror Films of 2017 with special guest Joey Fittos. Each panelist has a fair share of dreck to wade through. There’s talk of Tom Cruise battling wrapped up Egyptians, the latest return to the Amityville House and… whatever the hell Kuso was. What other films made the list? Listen and find out! The Grue Crew also […]

[Podcast] Asylum (1972) – Episode 64 – Decades of Horror 1970s

“You have nothing to lose but your mind.” One of the final Amicus anthology films is prepared to drive you insane as Dr. Martin (Robert Powell) interviews the patients of a mental asylum searching for the head doctor who recently lost his mind in Asylum (1972). Roy Ward Baker directs from a script by Robert Bloch featuring Peter Cushing, Britt Ekland, and Hebert Lom. Doc Rotten and Jeff Mohr are joined by Chad Hunt and […]

[Podcast] Another WolfCop – Episode 244 – Horror News Radio

They made Another Wolfcop? Yes, time to grab your liquor donuts and favorite Canadian brew of choice for the second lycan officer horror comedy adventure on Horror News Radio. It’s an abbreviated episode of the show, but luckily Doc Rotten and Thomas Mariani have guest Vanessa there to help out. All three are here to to fight off lizard beings and snort some moon rocks. Before all that, our Grue Crew has Horror News of the Week […]

Nevermore Film Festival and Gruesome Magazine Present The Manitou (1978) 40th Anniversary Screening in February, 2018

Here is your opportunity to join the Horror News Radio and Gruesome Magazine Grue-Crew for a special BIG-SCREEN presentation of THE MANITOU (1978). We are joining forces with the Nevermore Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina to present the incredible mind-blowing classic from 1978 during the Nineteenth annual affair on the weekend of February 23-25, 2018. This will be the 40th anniversary of the film. Join Doc Rotten, Thomas Mariani, Dave Dreher, and many more […]

[Review] Darken (Blood in the Snow, 2017): Its Ambitious Script’s Reach Exceeds Its Grasp – by Doc Rotten

Gruesome’s coverage of Blood in the Snow Film Festival continues with a fantasy, sci-fi thriller Darken (2017). Audrey Cummings directs from a script by RJ Lackie with a cast lead by Olunike Adeliyi, Paul Amos, and Rob Archer. In the story, Eve steps through a door into an alternate world where the denizens worship a woman named Mother Darken who hasn’t been seen in many years. In her absence, Clarity rules with an iron fist. The film grows in […]

[Podcast] The Shining (1980) – Episode 125 – Decades of Horror 1980s

“Great party, isn’t it?” The ghosts are all calling this party a big success. Congrats to Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) for pulling it off. Especially with his wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and son Danny (Danny Lloyd) constantly nagging him about “please don’t kill us.” Pfft. Family, am I right? The Shining is a pretty big example of Stephen King adaptations, one commonly derided for not being too close to the book. Did Stanley Kubrick’s lack of faithfulness […]

Share Your Best and Worst of 2017 with Gruesome Magazine

While 2017 has been a very bumpy ride here at Gruesome Magazine, the past twelve months have given horror fans a great number of terrific horror films. We were treated to Get Out, The Void, It, Gerald’s Game just to mention a very few. Of course, as with every year, there are a number of stinkers as well. The Snowman, anyone? As December comes to a close, Horror News Radio annually presents its BEST OF […]

[Review] The Last Witch (POV Horror, 2017): Familiar Tropes Expose Which Witch is Last – by Doc Rotten

Doc Rotten reins in another found footage film for Gruesome Magazine, this time from our good friends a POV Horror and Found Footage Files. The film is called The Last Witch (2017) from director Carlos Almón Muñoz. Following a trio of friends investigating a local legend about a witch that was killed along with her entire cover but her body was never recovered. Since then, even now hundreds of years later, the rumors persist that she […]

[Podcast] Nails – Coco – Episode 243 – Horror News Radio

The Grue Crew needs some rubbing alcohol after Nails digged into them. Horror News Radio tackles this Irish horror film about a hospital bound woman (Shauna MacDonald of The Descent) haunted by a ghost. Thomas and guest Chad Hunt then celebrate the release of Coco, Pixar’s latest film focused around Dia de Los Muertos and talking skeletons singing their rib cages out. Muy Bueno! Dave and Doc Rotten even manage to sneak in a few bites at Attack of the Killer Donuts! Before […]

[Trailer] Avengers: Infinity War (2018): Thanos Lands on Earth to Claim the Infinity Gems

The most anticipated trailer for the year landed this morning (Wednesday, November 29, 2017). Marvel Studios and Disney finally dropped 2.24 minutes of pure superhero geek joy with Avengers: Infinity War (2018) which is set to release May 2018. This film has it all: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Winter Soldier, The Falcon, Spider-Man, The Vision, The Scarlet Witch, War Machine, and so much more. Ant-man and […]

[Review] Once Upon a Time at Christmas (Blood in the Snow, 2017): The Holiday Cheer Runs Blood Red In This Gory Yuletide Feast – by Doc Rotten

Straight from the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival held November 23 through November 26, 2017, in Toronto comes the holiday gorrific gem Once Upon a Time at Christmas (2017). Doc shares his reactions with Jeff Mohr praising the structure, the jolly villains, and the super splendid splatter. Simon Phillips and Sayla de Goede (credited as Sayla Vee) makes an entertaining pair of murderous misfits dressed as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. The film gives holiday […]

[Podcast] Beware! The Blob (1972) – Episode 63 – Decades of Horror 1970s

“Maybe you two kids are on a trip or something. I don’t know and I don’t care.” Sheriff Jones (Richard Webb) has little patience for Bobby Hartford (Robert Walker Jr) and Lisa Clark (Gwynne Gilford) as they describe being attacked by a monstrous man-eating blob in Beware! The Blob (1972). Jeff Mohr, Chad Hunt, and Bill Mulligan are ready to pounce on Doc Rotten for suggesting this disastrous “treat” of a goofy horror film from director Larry […]

[Review] Ruin Me (Screamfest, 2017) A Bone Rattling Treat for Horror Fans – by Doc Rotten

Playing at the Screamfest Film Festival this past October and the Atlanta Horror Film Festival, Ruin Me (2017) took home the “Best Feature Film” award at the latter event. Doc Rotten takes a seat to take a look at what all the buzz is about and confirms that Atlanta got this one right. Ruin Me from director Prestin DeFrancis and written by Trysta A. Bissett & Preston DeFrancis is an undeniable treat for all horror fans. […]