[Contest] The Snowman (2017) Swag Bag Exclusive Giveaway from Universal Studios

The Grue-crew are excited to be covering the upcoming thriller The Snowman (2017) featuring fan favorite Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Ferguson. Look for a review on Gruesome Magazine and a detailed discussion on Horror News Radio episode 238. Just in time for the chillier season, The Snowman promises thrills aplenty as Detective Harry Hole (Fassbender) investigates the sociopath killer who calls himself “The Snowman Killer.” Gruesome Magazine and Horror News Radio is teaming up with […]

[Podcast] Videodrome (1983) – Episode 120 – Decades of Horror 1980s

“Long Live The New Flesh!” Max Renn (James Woods) makes his declaration of rebellion against Videodrome, the very thing he’s become so attached to. But is he really rebelling against the system or merely another cog in the machine? It’s a question people often ask themselves every day with no easy answers. Luckily, those answers can come from the most unlikely of places. One such place is Decades of Horror 1980s! Hop into your connected device and […]

[Podcast] The Cult of Chucky (2017) – Gerald’s Game (Netflix, 2017) – Episode 236 – Horror News Radio

Special guest Sammie Cassell joins the Grue-Crew this week to review a pair of horror film playing on Netflix this October. The first of the two is the latest film in the Child’s Play series, The Cult of Chucky (2017). The second film is from director Mike Flanagan and legendary author Stephen King, Gerald’s Game (2017). Netflix is killing this season with a gaggle of genre films lining up as the channel gears up for the […]

[Review] Happy Death Day (2017) – by Doc Rotten

Blumhouse returns with another horror film for the 2017 haunt season with Happy Death Day (2017). As the trailers promise, the film from director Christopher (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse) Landon channels a strong Groundhog Day vibe with a comedic horror spin to the rinse-and-repeat reliving of this horrific day. Doc Rotten steps in – as the resident Blumhouse fan – to review the film which is written by […]

[Podcast] Remembering the Black Saint – Episode 235 – Horror News Radio

On this special episode of HNR, the extended Grue-Crew share their memories and thoughts of Santos Ellin, Jr. (The Black Saint) who we suddenly lost on Thursday, September 21, 2017. For over 4 and a half years Santos joined Doc, Dave, & Thomas on HNR providing his views on horror films, his wit, and his laughter. Through his generosity, his spirit, and his kind heart (hidden under that gruff exterior), Santos had a profound effect on […]

[Podcast] Stranger Things Season 1 Part 1 – Episode 119 – Decades of Horror 1980s

“Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.” Jim Hopper (David Harbour) sets the record straight on what cops do in Hawkins Indiana. After all, Hawkins is a quiet small town where not much happens. Kids ride their bikes. Adults do their jobs. Nothing tends to happen. Well, at least until we see that Stranger Things are afoot. Much like they are on this podcast. Yup, we’re not covering a film. Or even something from the 80s. What type […]

[Review] Happy Hunting (GenreBlast, 2017) – by Doc Rotten

The coverage of the fantastic GenreBlast Film Festival continues with the feature film Happy Hunting (2017). The film from directors Joe Dietsch and Louie Gibson comes to the horror genre by way of The Most Dangerous Game. The plot follows Warren Novak (Martin Dingle Wall) a down-on-his-luck addict who finds himself on the run when he kills his drug supplier and steals their money and drugs. He, two of the cartel after his butt, and a […]

[Review] She’s Allergic To Cats (GenreBlast, 2017) – by Doc Rotten

Doc Rotten continues the coverage of the GenreBlast Film Festival held in Winchester, Virginia, September 7-10, 2017. The film today would fall into the WTF genre and did indeed headline a block of films that twisted one’s mind. She’s Allergic to Cats (2017) is from writer-director Michael Reich and it challenges how audience view films and how narratives weave their wicked tales. Reich plays around with visuals and tone to create a bizarre and fascinating – […]

Nightmares Film Festival Unveils the Full 2017 Film List – And It Is Amazing

The Grue-Crew are incredibly excited about the list of films being presented at the 2017 Nightmares Film Festival October 19 -22, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio. Festival programmer and co-founder Jason Tostevin starts things off just right with a screening of Victor Crowley with director Adam Green in attendance. They are also presenting Leatherface, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel, and Rock Paper Dead from Tom Holland. Films include Gruesome Magazine favorites Capture, Kill, Release and Found […]

[Podcast] Hellraiser (1987) – Episode 118 – Decades of Horror 1980s

“Jesus wept.” Frank/Larry Cotton (Andrew Robinson) lets his face stretch out in ecstasy as the cenobites finally take him. The lines between lust and death are thin in Hellraiser, but Decades of Horror 1980s has much to say on the subject. Tune in as we try to solve the Lament Configuration to get these S&M demons out of here. Or is that a Rubix cube? We can’t even tell the difference! Let the weekly October haunts […]

[Review] Indiana (GenreBlast, 2017) – by Doc Rotten

Gruesome Magazine returns to GenreBlast this year to enjoy their brilliant selection of genre films from the horror films we typically cover to other similar genres worthy of our attention, Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy, Comedy, WTF films. Doc shares his thoughts about Indiana (2017) from director Toni Comas and co-writer Charlie Williams. The film follows Michael (Gabe Fazio), a paranormal investigator who is struggling with this passion and life. His partner, Josh (Bradford West), convinces him […]

[Podcast] RIP Santos Ellin Jr. – Episode 234 – Horror News Radio

It’s a somber mood for The Grue Crew this episode. Our Gruesome family received some devastating news this past week. Our brother in pods Santos “The Black Saint” Ellin Jr. passed on September 21st, 2017. A loyal host of the show since it started back in 2013, Santos was not just a fun voice and a bitter commenter. He was family. For this special episode of Horror News Radio, Doc Rotten, Dave Dreher, Thomas Mariani […]

[Review] Forbidden Planet (RetroFantasma, 1956) – by Paul Cardullo

Paul Cardullo returns with another Groovy Gory Gruesome Gold retro review for the film Forbidden Planet (1956) which he and I saw at RetroFantasma at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, North Carolina. It played on a double bill with The Green Slime. Paul shares his thoughts about seeing the film on the big screen, how amazing the film looks 61 years later, and how well both the story and the effects hold up. And, of […]

[Review] Guardians (GenreBlast, 2017) – by Doc Rotten

On September 7-10, 2017, Paul Cardullo and I attended the terrific GenreBlast Film Festival in Winchester, Virginia. Run by Nathan Ludwig and his GenreCrew (Raygan Ketterer, Chad Farmer, and Charles Devin Hill), the festival is quickly becoming a fan favorite. This year, the festival opened with a UK comedy called Guardians (2017) that mixes in a hint of the supernatural, home-invasion, and the totally bizarre to great effect and delightful entertainment. Director Mark A.C. Brown and […]

[Podcast] Mother! (2017) – Episode 233 – Horror News Radio

Joining the Grue-Crew this week for the in-depth review of Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! is the one-and-only Caitlin Turner, the JLaw to Thomas’ Bardem. Theories and interceptions abound as the Crew and guest alike try to decipher what the hell Mr. Aronofsky was really trying to tell his audience. Woof! Doc steps in for Dave with Horror News of the Week starting off with the loss of two iconic horror greats: the terrific character actor Harry […]