Gruesome News Digest – Vol. 4

Ash Vs. Evil Dead Comes To Life Via A Trailer And New Key Art So, we’ve been pimping this upcoming new season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead for a while now and for the first time in the process we’ve got ourselves an honest to God trailer and it’s a beauty! Before we get to the eye candy – lets recap what S3 is slated to bring us – shall we? From the press release: […]

Gruesome News Digest Vol. 3 – Jan. 9th – Jan. 12th

Ready for your horror news update?  Been a few days and there have been some happenings in the gruesome world of horror so let’s get right to it. If Blumhouse Has Their Way – The Worlds Of Insidious And Sinister May Become One. Yeah – you’re reading that headline right.  Jason Blum – while talking to CinePOP – let the news spill that if he has his way, two of the horror houses franchises may […]

Gruesome News Digest Vol. 2 – Jan. 6th – Jan. 9th

Finally!  A Full Trailer For Victor Crowley Appears Since last fall, we’ve all be patiently waiting for the powers that be to give us a taste of what gory goodness Adam Green and his demented band of film fiends had in store for us with his little surprise chapter in Hatchet saga.  Sure, he ran around the country with his Victor Crowley roadshow but – honestly, most of us never got a chance to see […]

Gruesome News Digest – Vol 1 – Jan. 1st – Jan. 5th, 2018

Something new for you Grue-believers.  From this point forward I’ll be shipping you the weeks biggest horror headlines via a series of digest posts – one early in the week and the last right before the weekend. Thinking Mondays and Fridays at this point – let me know what you think of the idea and we’ll morph things around based on your input so without further ado – welcome to Volume One of the Gruesome […]

Dee Wallace Joins A Cast Of Icons In ‘Dead afterlife’

We here at Gruesome Magazine have had the honor of watching Dead afterlife grow from an idea to a reality.  The brainchild of Michael Joy – who runs – the very place were your Gruecrew cut their teeth – has been humping his butt getting this film made for longer than I’m sure he would care to remember but it seems to be coming together, actually it’s been coming together nicely for a bit […]

Nic Cage Goes A Little Crazy In The Trailer For ‘Mom And Dad’

Think The Purge but with parents deciding they are taking out their kids – yeah, kind of F’d up, right?  But, it’s our kind of F’d up.  The only way this can possibly be any better is if it starred a crazy, over the top actor – boom – enter Nicolas Cage for the win! Titled Mom and Dad – this gem is hitting all platforms on Jan. 19th.  Before we talk specifics – check […]

Dave Discusses His Top Ten of 2017

Hey, there horror fans! 2017 has had a bumper crop of kick-ass horror – actually found it impossible to carve my favorites down to ten choices – you’re getting eleven from me and you’re just going to have to deal with it.  Actually, I could have easily gone Top Fifteen but, I didn’t want to push it so –  without further fanfare – behold my Top Ten (actually Eleven)  of 2017 11. 1922 It was […]

Teaser And Poster Prepare Us For ‘Channel Zero: Butcher Block

SYFY Channel has had decent success with it’s horror themed Channel Zero series.  Season one made a lot of noise – season two kind of got past me but, it must have done OK cause early 2018 will bring us season three and this go around the season has been titled Butcher Block.  So, what’s it all about you ask?  Got you covered.  First up – here’s the official synopsis: “Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block” tells […]

Featurette From ‘IT’ Blu-ray Highlights Bill Skarsgard As ‘Pennywise Lives’

Already available on Digital Download and coming to Blu-ray on Jan. 9th – 2017’s mega hit IT is without a doubt one of  – if not THE must add addition to everyones Blu-ray collection.  As if owning the film isn’t enough reason to pick up the double disc release – the special features promise to be kick ass and today I’ve got a first look for you at one of the featurettes – this one […]

Lin Shaye And Robert Englund Welcome ‘The Midnight Man’

When you see two genre icons like Lin Shaye and Robert Englund attached to a project, you had damn well give it the attention it deserves and with that thought in mind – we just got word on a new flick titled The Midnight Man that will be making it our way right after the first of the year. The trailer could just peak your interest – give it a peek: IFC Midnight has been […]

‘JIGSAW’ Peddles To Blu-Ray In January

The latest (and last, maybe, possibly) chapter in the SAW franchise – now renamed JIGSAW came and went at the theater with little fan fare.  It really wasn’t a horrible film but at the same time – it didn’t seem to peak the interest of the horror fan base much either. For all of you who stayed away from the theater – JIGSAW is on his way to get you!  On Blu-ray that is.  All […]

Tease Of Season Eleven Of The X-Files Promises A Return To Form

2018 will open with a bang for fans of the X-Files.  Last years surprise season, while nice sort of failed to impress on a scale that both fans and those involved were hoping.  Regardless of the tepid – Fox seen fit to allow an elevent trip around the block for Mulder and Scully and we’ll all get to feast our eyes on that come Jan. 3rd. But – what can we expect?  A new teaser […]

Train To Busan Director Returns With ‘Psychokinesis’

Train to Busan was an exceptional film – It pretty much ran the Gruesome team becoming one of the top rated horror films of last year.  The director – Sang-ho Yeon – was a huge reason why.  His vision and deft hand made Train To Busan, quite frankly, a modern masterpiece. Sang-ho-Yeon is back and his next project is titled Psychokinesis.  An international trailer has shown up and you should probably take a look. Yeah […]

Robert Rodriguez Tapped To Bring Snake Plissken Back To The Big Screen

Back at the start of the year – we got the first rumblings that Robert Rodriguez was possibly in the running to helm the rumored reboot of the classic John Carpenter flick Escape From New York.  Personally – was intrugedby the idea but as things tend to do in the film world – things went quiet – until today. Fox has confirmed that Rodriguez is the man – via scripter Neal Cross.  Here’s his statement: […]

The Bayou Runs Red As A Poster And Release Info Debuts For ‘Victor Crowley’

A few months back we were all surprised when it was announced that a new chapter in the Hatchet franchise was not only on the way but done, finished, and on it’s way to the fans.  Up to this point the only way to see Victor Crowley – the title of this fourth installment – was via The Victor Crowley Road Show which consisted of director Adam Green, and some others associated with the film […]