“Knucklebones” (2016): Go Ahead and Roll ‘Em!

Ah, the Eighties. Not only did we have cool horror icons like Jason and Freddy, but we were treated to makeup effects and kill gags in horror movies that have become legendary to this day. Mitch Wilson’s supernatural horror flick  Knucklebones takes the viewer back to that long lost age of creepy killers, inventive kills, premarital sex, blood , disgust and all the other goodies that were a staple of the horror genre in the 80’s. […]

“Lace Crater” (2015): He slimed me.

I’ve never been a big follower of the Mumblecore style of film making. For those not familiar, Mumblecore involves low budget, sometimes unprofessional actors speaking in a very naturalistic way, even improvising lines. It often focuses on relationships and dialogue over actual plot.  I mean, I get it. I can appreciate it. It’s just not my cup of tea. I find it boring from what I’ve seen. Director/Writer Harrison Atkin’s 2015 horror story Lace Crater starts out […]

”Feed the Devil” (2015): Time for a hunger strike

I think there is a theme running in my reviews of late. Folks getting lost in the woods. I think it must be karmic retribution for convincing my sister that every frame of The Blair Witch Project was real all those years ago. I enjoyed her reactions to that film more than the movie itself. What goes around comes around. But I’m kind of evil that way. Here we are once again lost in the woods with […]

”Model Hunger” (2016): Beauty is only skin deep. But boy, is it good eatin’

What’s happening, Grue-Believers? I’m really excited to bring you a new horror film by the incredibly talented Canadian actor Debbie Rochon. With hundreds of films to her acting credit, including Troma’s The Toxic Avenger IV: Citizen Toxie, The Theatre Bizarre and Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 2 just to name a few, Rochon is now sitting in the director’s chair for the edge of your seat modern horror thriller, Model Hunger. Model Hunger‘s plot revolves around an older woman […]

“All Girls Weekend” (2016): Don’t go into the woods…again

Hello, Grue-Believers! Your old pal Chad here and we’re going to take a look at All Girls Weekend, the latest supernatural horror movie from writer/producer/director Lou Simon.  All Girls Weekend is the story of a group of friends who went to school together but sort of grew apart as they got older. They decide to get together for a weekend getaway to reconnect with each other and maybe mend some fences. Two of the characters, Daniela and Nancy carry a bit of […]

“The Offering” (2016): The Devil goes Digital

The Offering, written and directed by Kelvin Tong, features Matthew Settle, Elizabeth Rice, Rayann Condy, Adina Hertz, Adrian Pang  and Colin Borgonon. If you’re familiar with bible scripture — and being from the south, where you can find scripture written on everything from vacuum cleaner bags to McDonald’s wrappers, I’ve heard one or two — Genesis, chapter 11 tells the story of the Tower of Babel. At this point in history, all people spoke one language. They […]

[Gruesome Features] Batman v Superman: When an Unstoppable Force meets a very Movable Object

Don’t get me wrong. I looooove me some Superman and Batman. I grew up a huge Marvel fan, The Fantastic Four being my all time favorite. Especially Ben Grimm, The Thing. And the rest all fall in behind that. Spider-man, Hulk, Thor and the rest. But I hold just as big a place in my heart for Superman and Batman over at DC comics. Growing up, I bought every comic I could get my hands on. […]

[Gruesome Top Ten] The Gruesome Top 10 Superman / Batman Clashes and Team Ups In Comics

In a little over a week, we will have the divine pleasure of seeing something that what was once thought would never, ever happen. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will descend upon us like a slow moving, bumbling juggernaut that will not be stopped. The movie started it’s promotion machine so long ago now, that I feel as if I have seen it already. But alas, for good or bad, I think it will be […]

[Comic Review] ReAnimator #1-4 from Dynamite Entertainment

Seduction of the Innocent: The Gruesome Magazine review of ReAnimator #1-4  from Dynamite Entertainment. Hello, again, Grue-believers! Your old pal Chad again with this week’s creepy comic review! I love ReAnimator. Love it. One of my favorite horror films ever. Stuart Gordon’s genius mix of dark comedy and utter horror even outdid Lovecraft’s original story in my opinion. Any horror hound worth his salt probably thinks the same. So, when I heard about about a […]

The Gruesome Top Ten: Chad’s Top Ten Creepy Magazine Covers!

Hello again, Grue Believers! It’s your old pal Chad with a very special treat for you this time around! Today’s subject is something that holds a special place in this old black heart of mine, and hopefully some of you as well. Creepy Magazine! That’s right, kiddies. The one and only go to horror comic mag for a little kid like me who was sick and tired of horror comics that were hog tied by the […]

[Comic Review] ” Harrow County” Volume 1: Countless Haints

Seduction of the Innocent: The Gruesome Magazine comic review of  ” Harrow County” Volume one from Dark Horse Comics. To say that Cullen Bunn’s Harrow County is a southern gothic horror story doesn’t really do it justice. To me, it is so much more. It reminds me of home. Growing up, I came from a family who liked to sit around and tell spooky stories of things that lived in the woods and lonely, old country roads. […]

[Comic Review] “Swamp Thing” #1: The Dead Don’t Sleep

Seduction of the Innocent: Gruesome Magazine’s Horror Comic Reviews Swamp Thing #1 – DC Hello, all you Grue-believers out there! Your old buddy Chad here to welcome you to an all new Gruesome Magazine segment lovingly called Seduction of the Innocent! If you don’t get the reference, just Google it. (Suck it, Wertham!) Our goal here is to bring you the best in horror comics by way of reviews and recommendations. And hopefully, I’ll be […]

The Top Gruesome “Friday the 13th” Posters

Howdy, folks! It’s your ol’ buddy Chad again! Your Gruesome poster boy for, well, posters, boys! And I’m here to do some public service. Do you find yourself walking in the opposite direction if a black cat crosses your path? Are you afraid of stepping on a crack in the pavement for fear of breaking your dear ol’ mother’s back? How about spilling salt and throwing it in the eye of the poor dude sitting […]

Top 10 Gruesome Movie Posters for 2015

Well, folks. Here we are as the saying goes. With 2015 rapidly approaching it’s ultimate demise, good ol’ Doc Rotten has entrusted yours truly to come up with a list of the top ten horror movie posters of the past year. First, I had to come up with a criteria. Establish some rules for myself when trying to figure this out. In the past few years, horror movie posters have been a wasteland of Photo-shopped heads of […]