Bill Mulligan's earliest movie memory is of watching THE BLACK SCORPION on a black and white TV with a level of definition that barely qualified as "static". This initiation served him well in his subsequent quest to see as many marginal genre movies as possible, under any conditions necessary. If they contained stop motion animation, all the better. A half century of watching movies has given him the perspective that comes with encroaching death. He will gladly tell you of the sublime chars of Mario Bava, Paul Blaisdell, Ray Harryhausen, and Roger Corman, as well as the good old days when there were only 3 channels on TV but ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS was on at least once a month, as opposed to now when there are approximately eleventy billion channels and no crab monsters of any kind. Also, the music of these kids today is just noise. His love for practical special effects and makeup has, to his utter amazement, yielded great results as, for the last decade, he has been able to live his dream of making low budget horror films with like minded lunatics in the great North Carolina indie film community. Four feature films and over a dozen shorts, as effects technician, actor, writer and director. His work can be seen in KNOB GOBLINS, THE FOREVER DEAD, FISTFUL OF BRAINS, A FEW BRAINS MORE, FIX IT IN POST. CACHE ME IF YOU CAN and 400 WAYS TO KILL A VAMPIRE, which he will either make into a novel or die trying, either option sounding as good as the other.
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“Blood and Black Lace” (1964): Bava at His Best

Mario Bava is my favorite director. Second place (either Kurusawa or Kubrick) isn’t even close. I am not arguing that he is the greatest director. I am not saying that Baron Blood or any of his films are the equal of SEVEN SAMURAI or PATHS OF GLORY. But, if I were stranded on a desert […]

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“Nikkatsu Diamond Guys Vol 1”: Voice Without A Shadow, Red Pier and The Rambling Guitarist

NIKKATSU DIAMOND GUYS Vol 1  is another example of how Arrow Video, the UK distributor has emerged as one of the best reasons to buy a blu-ray player. They have found 3 fascinating examples from Nikkatsu’s Golden Age, a period from the mid 1950s to late 1960s, when Nikkatsu grabbed a group of assistant directors from […]

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“Blood Bath” (1966): What a Long Strange Trip

Ever buy one of those “50 HORROR MOVIES FOR $10” dvds? And then you feel stupid because the very next week they have the “200 MOVIES FOR $5” offer, eventually followed by the “16 QUINTILLION MOVIES WHICH IS ACTUALLY THE ESTIMATED NUMBER OF STARS IN THE UNIVERSE AND WE WILL PAY YOU 10 SILVER DOLLARS […]

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“Pray for Death” (1985): 80’s Ninja Flicks Reach Their Legendary Opus

You’re not supposed to root for ninjas. In most of the best Asian samurai flicks, the ninjas are little more than cannon fodder, probably wearing a Star Trek red shirt beneath their black unitards. Their proper role is to be cut to ribbons by a heroic samurai, for the simple reason that they cheat. They […]

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Top 10 Gruesome Practical Gore Effects: That’ll Leave a Stain

Kirk vs Pickard. Marvel vs DC. Fast zombie vs slow zombies. Staked to a fire-ant hill vs forced to look at naked pictures of Whoopie Goldberg. These are the choices we face each day. Among those of us who dabble, with varying degrees of success, in the field of special visual and makeup effects, the […]

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Top 10 Gruesome Really Bad Horror Films: Turkey Day Terror

Ah, Thanksgiving. Gathering with family, eating lots of great tasting food, listening to the grownups argue election results while all the cousins sat at the little kids table, wondering when we would get bumped up to the big leagues, (We were saps, the little kid’s table was way more fun. Lesson learned.), and – oddly enough – gorilla movies. […]

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[Feature] Top 10 Cannibal Films: Count Down to Chow Down

What was the first monster? The first fearsome horror that lurked in the shadows and made our ancestors huddle closer to the campfire as they told stories of the unseen creatures that lurked just outside its light? In all likelihood they did not have to dig deep into their primitive imaginations to find the answer. […]

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Cleanup In Aisle 9: The Top 10 Gruesome Headbusting Scenes in Cinema

It was not long after the birth of movies as an entertainment that savvy producers realized that nothing said “Don’t expect THIS character in the sequel” more than having said characters head neatly removed from their body. There is something gloriously final about a decapitation/brain splatter. Characters may survive ludicrous amounts of bullet hits and […]