[Exclusive Pics] Tony Timpone Introduces Us To The WOMAN IN THE MAZE

A supernatural thriller with twists and turns (literally!) awaits those who take a chance on Woman in the Maze, releasing theatrically on October 6 from Applied Art Pictures and premium TVOD services on October 12. Gruesome landed some exclusive images from the film and a new poster. A-maze-ing!

Directed by Mitsh Patel (House of Quarantine, Instant Karma), Woman in the Maze follows a young lady with some definite real estate problems. Gabby (Meredith VanCuyk) rents a house in Jerome, Arizona, the largest ghost town in America (it’s true! Look it up!). Of course, Gabby’s new digs are haunted too, and any poor soul who stays gets trapped as the house becomes an ever-changing maze. Can Gabby solve the enigma, or will she become a permanent resident?

Besides its domestic launch, Woman in the Maze will also be released in 82 countries starting this October as well.

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Tony Timpone