Horror News Roll Call – 4/12/2023 – TALK TO ME, DRACULA’S DAUGHTER, HYSTERIA

A24’s Latest Horror Gets A Poster And Trailer, RADIO SILENCE Gets A New Gig, And Peacock Announces New Horror Series!

A24 Unleashes A Poster And Trailer For Their Summer Horror Offering TALK TO ME

Horror powerhouse A24 just released a new trailer and poster for their summer release TALK TO ME – let’s dive in…

From directors Danny and Michael Philippou and starring Sophia Wilde, Joe Bird, Alexandra Jensen, Otis Dhanji, Miranda Otto, and more. TALK TO ME – In Theaters Everywhere July 28. #TalkToMe

RELEASE DATE: July 28, 2023 DIRECTOR: Danny and Michael Philippou CAST: Sophia Wilde, Joe Bird, Alexandra Jensen, Otis Dhanji, Miranda Otto, Marcus Johnson, Alexandria Steffensen, Zoe Terakes, Chris Alosio.

RADIO SILENCE Signs On For New Universal Horror Film

Radio Silence, the filmmaking team behind the recent successful horror film SCREAM VI is teaming up with Universal Pictures for a new, at this moment untitled monster movie.

The details of the project have not yet been disclosed, but it is described as a “modern take on a classic monster.” Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions will produce the film, and Radio Silence’s Chad Villella will serve as executive producer.

This new project adds to Radio Silence’s growing list of horror credits, including the last two SCREAM chapters and the critically acclaimed READY OR NOT.

PEACOCK Satanic Panic Series HYSTERIA Picks Its Leading Lady

Steaming Service PEACOCK loves to stick its finger in the horror pot – and a new project titled HYSTERIA has been announced. It will star Julie Bowen who rose to fame in the comedy series MODERN FAMILY. The show will revolve around when a beloved varsity quarterback disappears during the “Satanic Panic” of the late 1980s, a struggling high school heavy metal band of outcasts realize they can capitalize on the town’s sudden interest in the occult by building a reputation as a Satanic metal band, until a bizarre series of murders, kidnappings, and reported “supernatural activity” triggers a leather-studded witch hunt that leads directly back to them. 

This one is just gearing up so – we’ll keep you posted as updates become available.

Dave Dreher
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