Horror News Roll Call 3/23/2023 – Found Footage Fun With EXHIBIT 8, And News On A A24 Disaster Film….

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EXHIBIT #8 Trailer Puts A New Spin On Found Footage

Dead Central got the exclusive first look at the trailer – and we wanted to pass it along so all our Found Footage junkie readers can find out about this project that puts a new spin on the sub-genre.


All her life, Bosnian refugee Aisha has been looking for her brother Adin, who miraculously disappeared when they were teens. They fled to the Netherlands during the late 1990s and while they were staying in a refugee center, Adin one day suddenly vanished.

Now, Aisha teams up with her friend and documentary filmmaker Elias and decides to film her search. The two travel to the town from which Adin went missing, but they soon start to suspect someone is playing a dark game with them. It appears Adin’s case is not unique: refugee children often vanished over the years.

Meanwhile, we (the audience) have noticed we are actually watching a bootleg of Aisha and Elias’s finished documentary from inside a screening room. The eerie town locals are watching the film, of which they are part. We gradually realize Aisha and Elias have fallen victim to a clandestine snuff community, preying on the nearby refugee shelter. Only Aisha is able to escape this evil and finally avenge her brother.

Exhibit #8 hits VOD on April 25th.

A24 Throwing It’s Hat Into The Disaster Movie Genre With Y2K

A24 is on a roll – no other way to put it and it looks like they are looking to keep on rolling by this time taking a big step into the disaster movie world with Y2K – here’s what we know.

It’s officially being labeled a “horror-comedy” likely because the main creative force behind the film is SNL alumni Kyle Mooney who co-wrote and will direct.

A pretty vague synopsis follows but – in the right hands, this could be fun:

“It’s New Year’s Eve 1999. Two high school nobodies decide to crash the last big party before the new millennium. When the clock strikes midnight, the night gets more insane than they ever could have imagined.”

The icing on the cake for this one is the fact that Weta Workshop is handing the practical effects on this one so – things could get very interesting.

Much more news on this one coming soon as production ramps up but – it’s one to put very high on the “keep an eye on it” list.

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