[Gruesome Exclusive] Trailer Debut For THORNS

Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley knows a thing or two about Hell on Earth, a scenario the British actor faces in Thorns, the new apocalyptic horror movie from Michigan writer/director Douglas Schulze (The Dark Below, Hellmaster, Mimesis). Gruesome has nailed the film’s exclusive trailer, as well as some cool pics!

“The film melds themes of religion and science within the framework of a classic ’80s-era monster movie,” says Schulze “Thorns is ripe with physical makeup effects and plenty of gore.”

In Thorns, an ex-priest working for NASA is sent to investigate a remote observatory that went silent after receiving a mysterious radio signal from deep space. Upon arrival, he discovers the signal has opened a portal unleashing a thorned monster. The former priest must now summon his lost faith to stop the signal from jumpstarting the end of the world.

“I’ve been quietly working on a new horror movie for the last two years,” says Schulze. “Doug Bradley plays a mysterious archbishop, and I really enjoyed working with him. He’s tremendous in the film.”

In addition to Bradley, Thorns stars Jon Bennett (of Schulze’s Dark Heaven), Cassandra Shomer, Bo Shumacher and newcomer Elly Schulze. As he finishes post on Thorns, the next step is for Schulze to begin submitting the film to the national and international festival circuit. Many of his previous fright flicks played the likes of Fantasia, CineQuest, and the New York City Horror Film Festival.

“I’m very pleased with how the film turned out,” concludes Schulze. “Hoping for a good run in the festivals in 2023, before a limited theatrical and streaming release around Halloween.”

Tony Timpone