New Documentary Tracks The Phenomena Of AMERICAN WEREWOLVES

Small Town Monsters – the Northern Ohio-based documentary film studio has explored everything from Bigfoot to the Mothman and with their latest release, they dive into a new area – Werewolves.

Have a look at the trailer – and then we can discuss further.

From the press materials:

“Each year dozens of encounters with upright canids are reported in North America. These beings often behave in alarming ways with many reporting encounters with a beast that is aggressive, ghastly, and disturbing. While many theorize that the Dogman is some sort of unidentified species of animal, others believe that this creature is something else. Something more. Of the many possible terrifying ends to these encounters, the most shocking are the ones which possibly resulted in death. A woman jogging on a country road in rural Ohio goes missing. A man hiking into the mountains of Alaska turns up mutilated beyond recognition, his face mangled by something that seems to defy the natural predatory animals of the region. Thousands of people go missing in the United States each year, and the latest film from Small Town Monsters and director, Seth Breedlove, allows witnesses and a few brave investigators to present their theory that perhaps a real werewolf is behind some of these disturbing disappearances. American Werewolves aims to explore this oft-overlooked aspect of American folklore. However, where previous “STM” films delved into similar subject matter by presenting the details of the phenomena through a panel of experts, authors, folklorists and investigators, Werewolves uniquely leaves the storytelling to the witnesses. Comprised of around a dozen witness accounts, the film takes on the strange topic by giving those who have experienced it the space to directly present their encounters to the audience. Encounters discussed within the film range from brief run-ins on rural country lanes to horrifying, face-to-face confrontations that are the very fuel of nightmares. One witness even claims to have discovered the grisly, shredded remains of a werewolf victim. American Werewolves drops on most major VOD platforms on July 5th and today the first trailer has debuted. This horrifying entry into the Small Town Monsters catalog is directed by Seth Breedlove and produced by Heather Moser.”

Dave Dreher
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