[Gruesome Music] Review – LEAVE A SCAR – Dee Snider [2021]

Metal knows no age limits – it’s just a fact. It would appear as if veteran rocker Dee Snider has dedicated his life to making sure that statement can never be doubted. With the release of LEAVE A SCAR Snider has cemented himself as an elder statesman of metal.

Back in 2018 Dee released an album titled For The Love Of Metal – and in this humble metal fans opinion, it was one of the years top releases – it proved so popular that a few years later it got released in a Live-In Concert version but 2021 has brought us a collection of brand new ear melting metal from Snider – titled LEAVE A SCAR.

12 tracks of non-stop power that are sure to make even the most jaded headbanger sit up and take notice.

There is no questioning Dee Snider’s inclusion as one of music’s most iconic frontmen. Twisted Sister placed him front and center as a pop culture icon but I’m not sure back in those days he was given serious consideration as a serious musician. MTV made him and his band famous but at the same time, it pigeonholed them as a gimmick, a clown shoes version of metal – fair? Absolutely not but, since when is anything fair. Still Twisted Sister sold millions of records and garnered millions of fans – and then after hair metal began to fade, so did Dee Snider. For a few years, he tried various other creative outlets. He was a radio host – he wrote and starred in a horror film – who remembers Strangeland? One thing he never did though was quit – a trait that, lucky for us, is paying off right here in 2021.

LEAVE A SCAR is an exceptional collection of tracks that weave a message while at the same time showcasing the amazing talent that performs on this nonstop metal assault. Nick Bellmore handles the drum duties, Charlie Bellmore on guitar, as is Nick Petrino. Russell Pzütto is relentless on Bass. Snider has never sounded better – he growls, he screams, his gravel ladened delivery is so on point that the word impressive does not adequately convey what the eardrums are hearing.

For The Love Of Metal was surprising and fresh – LEAVE A SCAR is a groundbreaking throwback to a period in metal that those of us old enough to have lived through have been hoping to hear again – if you ever doubted Dee Snider’s ability to rock, you’ve just been educated in what metal is supposed to be.

Stated quite simply – LEAVE A SCAR is a must-have addition to any metal fans playlist.

Track Listing

  1. I Gotta Rock (Again)
  2. All Or Nothing More
  3. Down But Never Out
  4. Before I Go
  5. Open Season
  6. Silent Battles
  7. Crying For Your Life
  8. In For The Kill
  9. Time To Choose
  10. S.H.E.
  11. The Reckoning
  12. Stand

Can’t wait to hear these songs performed live – I’m thinking a tour can’t be far behind this release.

LEAVE A SCAR is out now – you can get it where ever you pick up your music – or you can CLICK HERE and pick it up straight from NaPalm Records. While you’re there, click around and have a look at all the kickass versions of the release they have available.

Dave Dreher
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