[Trailer] Nic Cage Has Lost His Pet And He Wants It Back In Our First Look At PIG

I’m not sure if this next statement is a good thing or a bad thing but – we’ve kind of gotten to the point that when a new trailer pops up for a Nic Cage film – you really can’t tell if it’s a spoof or an actual film – you can debate that one amongst yourselves – in the meantime – have a look at his latest potential masterpiece – PIG.

So – there ya go.

NEON is releasing this and billing it as a “revenge thriller” which the trailer lightly hints at. I’ve got a gut feeling that this one is going to be more of a self-reflective drama than a horror film but – it’s Nic Cage so, who the hell really knows. There is just something highly entertaining about the fact that the first words we hear spoken are “I’m looking for a truffle pig”.

PIG will hit theaters on July 16th – and there is no way in that I won’t be there to watch whatever the hell this turns out to be.

Dave Dreher
Co-Founder / Lead News Reporter at Gruesome Magazine
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