[Review] Slashlorette Party (Grindsploitation Film Fest 2021): Slashers, Strippers, and Psychos Topline This ‘80s Horror Homage

Eighties slasher throwback Slashlorette Party is a valentine to direct-to-video horror fare of that decade. It’s chock full of gory kills and naked gals, and is an impressive independent effort that rises above being mere pastiche.

Brie (Molly Souza) is engaged to controlling, full-on chauvinist jerk Dolph (Andrew Brown). After consulting with her therapist Dr. Jordan (Ginger Lynn), Brie writes a letter to Dolph giving him reasons why she will call off the wedding. As cinematic fate would have it, her maid of honor Alexa (Brooke Morris) and friends have planned a combination bachelor and bachelorette party for the weekend at— where else but? — a cabin in the woods. Nia (Nina Lanee Kent) wants Brie to end the engagement but doesn’t want to miss out on a weekend of drinking and cavorting. 

Someone else, though, has different plans for the party guests — final plans, as in death. Unlike many slasher films, Slashlorette Party reveals rather early on who is behind the axe, machete, and other slayings, but I’ll save that for future viewers to discover on their own. 

The writing and directing team of Paul Ragsdale and Angelica De Alba, who previously worked together on Streets of Vengeance and Cinco De Mayo, have crafted an impressive slasher throwback that has a lot of heart behind it. It’s the kind of film that overcomes its budgetary limitations with infectious energy, and though it follows many of the genre’s tropes and beats, it serves up some memorable moments of originality. The acting runs pretty much the full gamut, from Souza’s outstanding lead performance to classic fun scenery chewing from Lynn to deliberately over-the-top complaining from Morris to spirited turns to enthusiastic attempts that miss the mark.

The gruesome special effects makeup and practical effects are all impressive. There’s plenty of the red stuff on display. Speaking of “on display,” two female strippers get a fair amount of screen time, and a male stripper gets a funny scene, as well. 

The ending, unfortunately, leaves a lot to be desired. It feels like a bad mistake tacked on after an original ending, but because there is no big studio behind this production, it seems like a misfire on the part of Ragsdale and De Alba. The rest of Slashlorette Party works rather well, though.

Slashlorette Party screens as part of Grindsploitation Film Fest 2021, which runs at Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, Virginia, from April 23–25, 2021. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/noogagrind/.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Joseph Perry
Joseph Perry fell in love with horror films as a preschooler when he first saw the Gill-Man swim across the TV screen in "The Creature from The Black Lagoon" and Mothra battle Godzilla in "Godzilla Vs. The Thing.” His education in fright fare continued with TV series such as "The Twilight Zone" and "Outer Limits," along with legendary northern California horror host Bob Wilkins’ "Creature Features." His love for silver age and golden age comic books, including horror titles from Gold Key, Dell, and Marvel started around age 5.

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