(Gruesome Music) Event Review: ‘FOZZY’ Rocks The Livestream World With ‘Capturing Judas’

Review by: Cynthia Gallup

This live stream event was a recording but, entertaining nonetheless. The show opened up with an ‘inside the production’ documentary, dedicated to Edward Van Helen; that gave insight into Fozzy making musical history by performing three concerts in three different time zones in a single day and what it is like for the band to be on the road, the love and camaraderie between the band and the production crew as they worked through the long hours together. Chris Jericho ( frontman and lead singer) talked about how sometimes he has traveled in his gear because the clothing is difficult to put on and sometimes there just isn’t enough time, his bandmates giving credit saying at times they don’t know how he does it; considering he is also a wrestler for AEW aand sometimes performs for Fozzy and AEW in succession – on top of collaborating with the band for rehearsals and heading their tour that has lasted since May of 2017, ending up here in November of 2020.

In the comments section, the fans all seemed to know one another as they openly expressed their love for the band and talked about their times together on some cruise. It was apparent that some of these fans have traveled all over, following the band – in fact, the band knew quite a few of the fans and made sure to give shout outs to them. Fozzy’s reach is global as the band has played in countries like Germany, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, and England  It is easily apparent that the fans have a deep love of Fozzy and the band appears to appeal to a wide age range – but regardless of the age difference, they all greeted each other openly, happy to reunite over the band’s music and amazingly there were no arguments or divisive language; which was like a breath of fresh air given the current climate we find ourselves in.

Even though the concert was recorded, the botches were kept. The fans were happy even when the lyrics were forgotten. One fan commenting that those very mistakes make the band all the more lovable. At the end of the song, Chris Jericho openly admitted to forgetting the lyrics and it just made it all the better.

In between the thirteen songs the band would tell stories and give insight into the inner workings of the band (bands in general) and why some songs that are great on a record are not so great when performed live. Of particular interest was their talk about how sometimes so much goes into a song it is next to impossible for a band to play live because there just aren’t enough people to play the parts added in. Also discussed were their favorite songs to play and why some songs are dropped from their live shows. They also talked about their first bands and some of the members like Rich Ward (lead guitarist) have other bands that they play for.

Fozzy is comprised of five members, each very passionate musicians. Rich Ward is the lead guitarist and does some backup vocals. His performance of each song was beautiful. He plays the guitar as though he was the guitar, his face expressing the notes, there were times while watching him one would think if it was truly the guitar doing the wailing or him. He played some very amazing pieces, putting his soul out each time. Billy Grey is the second guitarist and alongside Rich and is also very entertaining in his own right. With each piece, it could be seen that he was enjoying himself as he poured himself into the music. Frank Fontsere handles the drum kit. He is a phenomenal drummer whom his fans have praised as their inspiration to either begin or pick back up drumming themselves. Fans lamented on the absence of Randy (previous bass player) but PJ Farley did a phenomenal job playing songs he just recently learned.

For those unknown to Fozzy, the music is hard rock and the bands that influenced this group are very easy to pick up on. The music is artistically layered together and is easy to follow but not overly repetitive. Some songs are misses, depending on personal taste but those misses are not so distasteful that interest in the group is lost. In fact, those very songs often led up to a very fantastic song.

Even though the concert wasn’t live and the attendees were at home or possibly at work in some cases, each fan expressed a genuine thrill for the majority of songs (these are very loyal and open fans) and all seemed to appreciate the opportunity to hang with fellow fans – even if they could only do it virtually.

I found Fozzy to be as intersting as they were entertaining, each member meshing with the other in a smorgasbord of talent, each emitting a true passion for what they do. They are very impressive men and listening to them begets listening to even more of them.

Their new album has been delayed but will be released sometime in 2021, Chris Jericho did not elaborate further than that.

They are definitely deserving of recognition and are constantly welcoming new fans. Considering that the band began in 1999 and are still playing today without crumbling or being shunned by fans for tone changes ( Fozzy is loved for not following trends and instead, doing what they like) is pretty outstanding. They are definitely not a small-time band struggling to make it, each member of Fozzy works hard at what they do. 
The concert began at 9:00 at night and ended at 11:13 p.m.  

1. Sin and Bones
2. Drinking w/ Jesus
3. One Crazed Anarchist
4. Burn Me Out
5. Nowhere to Run 
6. Elevator
7. Do You Want to Start a War
8. Lights Go Out 
9. Painless 
10. Wolves at Bay
11. Enemy
12. Sandpaper 
13. Judas

Dave Dreher
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